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  1. 150 amps? That means the wire from the alternator needs to be about the same size as the battery cables...........
  2. Hello all, its been a while. Wondering if there have been any improvements in door seals. I still have the used Kia seals on my car and would like to get a set of new ones made for the Z car. I have tried a couple of different aftermarket types with the same problem of the door not closing. Thanks all sb
  3. they are available new, i just cant remember from who
  4. I know a guy like that. Not a drunk, but made his $$ building all the stuff for Disneyland. He does stucco and plaster work. You should see his home!
  5. plug all the holes except 1, and apply some air pressure. for the most part, the dents will disappear
  6. look at the casting line on the bottom of the trans. It lines up with the center of the cross-member.
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