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It lives!!!!!!!


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I took my Z out for the first real run this afternoon. I bought the 72 240 I found here in the classifieds about 2 months ago. The car had been sitting since 93'. So far rebuilt the carbs (z-therapy kit) dropped the fuel tank cleaned, sealed and checked the system, battled a fierce electrical battle. Symptoms of a bad fusible link but turned out a bad ammeter will do the same thing. I have rebuilt the brakes all around. New shoes and cylinders in the back new oem rotors and toyota calipers in the front. The old slotted wheels were pretty coroded so I have been waiting on some BBS e-bay wheels. Wheels showed up with a 4 x 108 pattern. I have had some new Falken 205 60 14's in the garage for 2 weeks but was waiting for the new wheels. Decided I will work on cleaning the old wheels, order some new Rewinds in the near future. So I put the falkens on today and went for a ride..... Sweet..... and smoooth.

The tires were the last thing holding me back. I tested the carbs and such but the old tires were cracked and I did not go any further than I cared to walk.

I'll drive it to the airport where I work tomorrow about 15 miles I can't wait.

Thanks for all the help, this forum has been invaluable. :knockedou

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Don't worry.. Strictly helicopters. I like going 100mph but it is way to fast to land. Should be in Washington state by Monday dropping water on a forest fire..

Hello from Wash. State, which forest fire you working on (over)? Glad to hear you got to take your Z for a run. Wish I was anywhere near that stage.

Gary D.

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Should be in Washington state by Monday dropping water on a forest fire..

I had to go to the restroom on a helicopter ride as a child-the guy I hit would say it was the same sort of thing only in Georgia! ...Wait a minute, I hit a stationary target using a whole lot less "water"-but then, I really, really had to go, and went before my Mom noticed what I was doing! There is nothing like eye contact with your target! When we landed she made me go find and appologize to the gentleman I wet-I wonder as an adult, with all of that down draft just how much of that few ounces actually made it to the ground-well to the man...

Still, a valuable lesson-for a four year old-I still remember it 38 years later... ...but my first unbridled drive in my own Z was much more exciting than peeing out of a huge helicopter on Hunter Army Airfield at four years old-I almost wet myself again...


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