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  1. dhoneycutt


  2. Thanks for the kind words and encouragement. The body on the car is really why I am asking 2500. There is a lot of work to be done but it is doable. If I don't get what I feel is a fair price I may sell my BMW instead. ( I still might do that anyway). Thanks again. David
  3. The unfortunate time and circumstances have come which dictate the separation of me from my z. Here is a link to the ad. 1972 Datsun (Nissan) 240 Z If I was not suppose to post here, I am sorry.:stupid:
  4. Please! more pictures!!! :classic: Where did you purchase the extruded aluminum tubing? I was thinking of something like this but had not seen it done on non-fuel injected engines before. ( I know, I live a very sheltered life;))
  5. Zedyone...I really like how you set that up. I for one would like to hear more details on the fuel rail!!! That looks sweeeeeeet!
  6. The "camber issues" could be that someone replaced the rear struts with those of a 280z which are taller than the 240's. That is what the PO did on mine. Why I don't know but....
  7. How do you like it? Good reception? A full product review is needed please;)
  8. I have a spare '72 tank that has a couple of small holes in it and the fuel supply and return fittings on it are in real bad shape I was going to see if I could somehow repair it and have a "good" spare tank.
  9. There was a thread over at hybridz.org where there is an aluminum tank available. They are made to order and fit with stock mounting points. If I remember right the price was around $600. not cheap but an option. Here is the link: http://forums.hybridz.org/index.php/topic/96955-a-“stock”-fuel-tank-solution/
  10. The C10 is a Skyline not a Z. A 1970-1972 (KGC10)
  11. you need to run a 390 cfm max as was said in an earlier post.
  12. Dave, What thread. I didn't see no thread. I don't know what your talking about :-) Anyway, Glad your back!!!
  13. So sorry to hear about your loss!!! Where at in Minnesota do you live? What would you want for it (if any of the interior is in good shape still?)
  14. Does this mean you are not including the push button itself anymore?
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