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  1. Just remember PLA basically looses its shape above 60°C. If you want to use it in the engine bay / interior (summer) annealing or a different filament is a must. In your print above the belt tension is too low and/or the print speed is too high (shifted layers). Your restoration is inspiring!
  2. Engine mounts: My cheap Rockauto mounts failed shortly after install. The one on the passenger side split in half. So I would recommend getting better/OEM ones. Install is fairly easy with the engine in car (No engine hoist needed): 1. Support oil pan with a car jack (only a bit, do not lift the engine) 2. Remove bolts on engine side and the ones which go through the engine mount 3. Remove engine mount bracket (slides out easily towards the front) 4. Remove engine mount Don't trust all those posts saying that it is a PITA or it is not possible without engine rem
  3. Update on U-Joint install: Yes it was easy to change them. However, 500 miles later, I can feel play at the rear half shafts (so the U-joints are starting to fail). I guess everyone was right then, the OEM joints were much tougher than today's aftermarket joints. I got a MOOG u-joint. Finally, I opted for a CV conversion so I will never have to deal with this again.
  4. Hey, during the last couple of years restoring my 240Zs I made many mistakes and learnt a lot. I am going to add all these little things to this topic. Especially topics which are unclear to many of us (or sometimes there is wrong info around). There is no specific order. Please feel free to add your notes! I will add some keywords for all the guys who find this topic via Google.. 280ZX dizzy: The stock late 1971 240z tach WILL work although it is current sensing S12/S13 gearbox: A series I drive shaft is around 35mm shorter than a series II driveshaft. You will be able
  5. I installed PAGID RSH 29E front brake pads and could't believe what a difference it made. Compared to the MSA "track" brake pads it feels like a complete new braking system. So far I haven't experienced any brake fade issues and the overall stopping efficiency is very high.
  6. Hey guys, as my 240z is still equipped with the almost 50 yrs old original pump I think I should get a new one as good measure. Is there anyone running the GMB pump? It looks almost similar. On Amazon there are mixed opinions (works fine, broke down after a few miles). BR https://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=8893308&cc=1209169&jsn=877&_nck=ZExt1ysfqhqWnq%2BEvUNdSyqlmez6jy1gNJMlusoX3OR6oZHmd95p79CSOLvI%2BbdPEYS4HKmSAUJVlLbFA1LmAtT9rn8NZZYDAOnj5dlSGEjDqczDvxgV63sQH%2B7yOvIkNHOKxfOQ6yYpL%2F96Z3Hp2svYt313w2LJeTHlbnib7jxtzBFvj2Mdh3Ay4Ic8SyKECDR10uR%2F2bQuscKhCtI3
  7. Absolutely. I got the MSA Type 1 Style air dam and even at high speeds (did 140mph / 240km/h GPS speed) I have a very stable feeling car. German autobahn ? Both my diff strap as well as the lower diff mount need to be replaced. So I don't think the car gets shaky due to worn diff mounts.
  8. @Captain Obvious Did you measure the belt lenght before install? I would like to prepare one, too (before I remove the old one). Great ideas!
  9. What kind of shifter boot is this? Mine is still missing and the original one didn't fit the 71C shifter. Awesome work!
  10. Regarding core plug removal: It is much easier to tap the plugs inwards. Just use a flat screwdriver and tap in one side (red line), the plug will tilt and can be pulled out easily afterwards!
  11. Where did you buy this awesome transmission crossmember? BTW I used a Series 1 driveshaft which is slightly shorter. It fit without shortening (tight fit, around 5mm travel left).
  12. @2377kNthis mount will not fit for a 240Z, right? I can't remember that there is the front part of the seat rail bent down like in your picture..?
  13. Hey guys, I tried three times to lock the side shaft bolts (wheel side) in place, using loctite and new spring washers. After a couple of hundred miles, they loosen up again. Did someone have the same issue in the past and how did you fix this? Is there a certain orientation of the side shaft flange neccessary? Space is tight, but I managed to fasten the nuts with a long extension ultimately. Maybe they hold better now. BR
  14. @240260280 I already did this in post #19 ?
  15. Oil viscosity doesn't affect wot performance at all as it only determines the mixture during the first 1-3s of acceleration. Thin oil =faster rising piston = less vacuum to draw fuel = leaner Thick oil = richer
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