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  1. I didn't modify the door, but I did use the opener.
  2. A 2 post lift has to be bolted to the floor, a 4 post does not. I have radiant heat coils in the floor, don't want to risk puncturing one.
  3. If you are cheap (like me) you'll find that this: https://www.bendpak.com/car-lifts/accessories/jp-3/ along with the scissors jack that came with the Z and some 4 x 4's will work almost as well.
  4. bridge jacks Just like Captain Obvious...................
  5. Amen to that Brother! I ended up using an "A" frame made from 2x8's along with a chain hoist to aid in assembly. Two of us put the lift together in about 4 hours.
  6. I have a BendPak 4-poster, and I love it! https://www.bendpak.com/car-lifts/four-post-lifts/ My shop ceiling is 12'-6" height, and I can put a full size van on top with room for the Z underneath if I choose. I got the lift with the optional casters, so I can move the lift where I please. I have even moved it outside in the driveway to power wash the underside of my cars. The lift takes 220 volts for the hydraulics and a source of compressed air for the safety mechanisms. I just use a long 220v extension cord and an air hose to allow for moving the lift around. Get a couple of the fixed sliding jack trays and some short bottle jacks, and you are good to go.
  7. Saw this today on EBay........................ Beverly Hills Car Club 240Z
  8. Kroil really works well ! As for the sensor, it is threaded in just like the plugs you can't get out. Catch 22 😀 Really, the sensor will come out, just apply the Kroil on the threads of it also.
  9. AK260, Isn't that what I said ? 😀😀😀 (I have a Degree in Electronics also)
  10. Sorry, I was being rather facetious, thus my comment "Easy - Peasy 😄" Still going with the damaged component being a varistor. And, I did notice the new electrolytic cap.
  11. Basic tachometer theory: Digital to analog. You take a digital signal (RPM, converted to PPS, pulses per second, also known as Hertz). You then convert that to a current to operate a meter movement from zero to full scale. Easy - Peasy. 😄
  12. Can't be sure w/o the proper schematic, but I believe these are what is typically called a PEC. Packaged Electronic Component. Custom designed mix of resistors/caps, etc. Designed to take less space on the circuit board.
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