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  1. Assuming that the steel is the same gauge (thickness).............................
  2. Any weight difference between the new and the old? Just curious.
  3. Rubbing alcohol makes a good lubricant for installation. Then it just evaporates.
  4. I bulge the rubber just slightly more than the diameter of the steel washer. Always seems to work out well.
  5. For me, an electric carving knife worked better. (Just my opinion)
  6. I have the TEP EFI setup on my autocross Z, and I absolutely love it. I started with the Electromotive TEC-GT management system for distributorless Ignition capabilities(crank trigger) along with triple Mikuni sidedraft carbs that I got for cheap. I could not get the carbs to run right under the extreme cornering of autocross (kept wanting to bog, probably float issue). I switched over to the TWM/Borla side draft throttle bodies and everything is so much better! The TEC-GT gave me the option to run carbs or EFI, all had to do was wire the injectors, change the fuel pump and add a few more sensors.
  7. Probably had nothing to do with a Datsun. The letter/number/letter combination is known as a "field reserve" in BMV lingo. You could reserve the same # year after year. The K 14 Z and K 48 Z plates that I have were my parents plates. The K and the Z are the first and last letters of my last name. The numbers were what was available when my Dad reserved them. This was before vanity plates were available (and cheaper).
  8. I've got 2 '74 Ohio plates with Z in them, Any interest? (I'm keeping the one in the middle!) ?
  9. I have a 211 and I like it! The welder has been good for everything that I have wanted to weld. You will want to use 220 volts if you have it available, and stay away from flux-core wire. Use the solid wire and CO2/Argon shield gas. It will mig-weld aluminum if you get the optional feed gun and proper shield gas, but I do not have that setup.
  10. Never had much of an issue getting oil on the starter. The side of the block cleans up pretty easy. Just my $.02.
  11. Just curious as to why you are thinking about doing this ???
  12. Sure, the next time I pull them out, but I don't see it happening anytime soon. Sorry. Thought I had a picture, but I can't get an accurate count from it.
  13. I bought my Torsen direct from Gleason a long time ago. Invoice says part # is M006-8
  14. Gleason is still in business. Ask them. https://www.gleason.com/en BTW, I have one in my 73 240 R200. Works great! AFAIK Gleason did not make one for the R180.
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