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  1. Pretty sure that my Clifford Research Performance (6 to 2) headers were blue, but I've had them since 1982. Seem to remember their advertising line being "6 equals 8".
  2. Back to the OP, is it possible that someone installed the wrong plugs w/o the crush washer?
  3. Yep. About 2+ inches. Plenty of room for a cold air box. Maybe someday..................... I have added a heat shield between the header and intake. (Older picture)
  4. Air filters ? We don't need no stinking air filters ! (Autocross only) 😁 Length from head to end of velocity stack is approx. 300mm (11.75 ")
  5. I think that there are too many factors involved to come up with a simple equation. The dyno tells all! 😃
  6. Remember that the intake runner length will affect the torque curve. Generally, the shorter the runner, the torque curve moves to a higher RPM.
  7. Todd Walrich, owner of Wolf Creek Racing, passed away in 2015. The business was taken over by FutoFab, but a quick search of their website does not show anything about Mikunis. I suppose one would have to contact them.
  8. Mikuni parts are getting hard to find...........................
  9. What do they say about like-minds? I also mounted a hand-cranked winch to my 4-poster lift. However, most of the time I run the winch with a battery powered drill with a 3/8" drive 3/4" socket chucked up. The drill works great until I have to "go over the hump".
  10. Do a Google search for the term "Torque-to-Yield".
  11. You "can" pound a nail with a micrometer! Would you want to ...............................................????????????????
  12. I made this for pulling the rear axle. The round hole serves a dual purpose. Either to hold a breaker bar to allow removal of the axle nut or to use with a slide hammer to pull the axle.
  13. RockAuto carries them. Called "Main / Output Shaft Seal" , the National Brand # 710324 costs $4.20 each + shipping. https://www.rockauto.com/?carcode=1209260&parttype=8792
  14. I did notice from the pics that most of the coolant and fuel hose clamps have been replaced with modern worm-type clamps. Most likely to flush the lines. P.S. It is a 6 hour round trip drive to Erie for me.
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