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  1. Looks like a lot of rust in the lower front corner of the door. All of the bad metal should be cut out and replaced. I would also check the structure around the lower hinge area.
  2. From the comments for the Thing files, I decided to go with my own design.
  3. Took the plunge and bought a 3-D printer the other day. I am still learning, but I designed an printed a couple of fusible link covers for my '76. If anyone is interested, here is the .stl file so you can print your own (if you happen to have a printer). Fusible_Link_Cvr v5.stl
  4. The Fastenal store in Bowling Green, OH is now called a Fulfillment Center, will-call orders only, and a $25 minimum. 😝
  5. Pretty sure it is for your radio antenna up/down.
  6. A pipe wrench always works for me. Only makes little nicks. 🙄
  7. In my mind the engine would not run very good with all 6 plugs being "color tune". Unless the heat range just happened to be the same as required,
  8. Another forum that I am a member of (not Datsun content) requires that a first time poster submit an introductory post. Who they are, where they are from, why they want to be a forum member. Helps prevent some of the issues that this forum has.
  9. Back in the day (early 80's) a company called Turn Six sold yellow springs. I have them on my '76. All that I can remember about them is that they lowered the car about an inch. I do not remember the rates.
  10. Try soaking the stubborn and broken bolt with Kano Kroil. And I mean really soak them and let them sit for a couple of days. After that, try heating up the area around the bolts with a propane torch (go easy here), and just keep working to remove. The bolts are surrounded with oxidation.
  11. The coating is starting to "lift" from the glass. I don't think it can be repaired, just replaced. A local glass shop should be able to advise you.
  12. This is what Patcon is referring to: Electric fan controller Sildes between the fins of the radiator, or could be mounted alongside, but should be in the airflow. Just noticed that this is preset at 185, but they make similar that are adjustable.
  13. Make me an offer. The set on the right was running within the last decade! I live near Toledo, OH, so delivery is possible.
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