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  1. Hey everybody, haven't been on the forum in awhile, wish it was on better terms, but i am selling my project Z . Just posted it in the classifieds. Any questions shoot me an email at cky7290@yahoo.com Happy Z'ing guys!
  2. Alright well i have a 76 280z pretty much bone stock and i cant get the damn thing to run right. At first i thought it was ignition related, so i have a new dist. cap, rotor, coil, wires, and plugs. Gapped the plugs properly and tested my spark. im gettin great spark at each plug. then i figured it may be injector related. so I tested to make sure i was gettin a pulse at each injector. then i used the classic stethescope to hear if they were firing and they all were. The engine sounds like is not running on all cylinders, or the the timing is way off. Ive adjusted the timing and even adjusted the valves for the hell of it. can not figure out wats going on. Ive messed with the afm and no luck either.
  3. Hey everyone, have a little problem here. I seem to be getting extremely weak spark on cylinders 4 and 5. Every other cylinder seems to be great. The plugs are absolutely soaked with gas on those 2 cylinders. I put my inductive light on the wires and checked to see if i would get any readings close the the dist. cap and i did. but as i follow the wire down it gets weak and randomly fires. I replaced plugs, wires, dist cap, and rotor. Coil is also fairly new. I had a spare set of plug wires and tried messing with them, but no luck. any tips or ideas would be great. thanks.
  4. It's amazing the stories you find under the seats of cars. I was at a local junkyard rummaging through a Z that was wrecked in the late 70's and found a 6 pack stuffed in some of the carnage in the back. My guess (judging from the old style empty beer cans) is that it was a drunk driving accident. Im not sure how tampered the car was over the 20-30 years it had been sitting there but i found the center console in the back hatch area and it looked as if it had flipped and landed on the roof. Anyways thought it was rather interesting....
  5. i actually am driving a 1990 honda accord dx that i bought for 500 bucks, i threw some snows on it and it is amazing in the snow. we just got slammed up here in Massachusetts for the past week and i commute a good distance. I actually work for honda and their cars are amazing in the snow in my opinion, especailly for doin a little E-brake driftin. Spending 20 bucks to fill your tank and gettin you to work and back safely i would say its a good car.
  6. I've found some weird things under the seats of vehicles I've bought. I've found real heavy duty hand cuffs, some mini tapes for a tape recorder which always seem to have something bizzare on them. When i bought my 240, i found a whole tuneup package (new condenser, rotor, cap, plugs, wires, and an oil filter) i love going through cars u just bought, its always a mystery.
  7. i think i have a plow for my chevy if u wanna take that and get some revenge :-) Sorry bout the hood man... I just had a recent accident with my 87 bmw, freakin red mustang cut me off taking a left turn and i slammed into him goin 40... and about a week after i was sittin at a red light in my replacement 90 accord and someone rear ended me... ohh the fun...
  8. heh I wish I was even close to getting my car painted. I have spent 2 years working on it spending lots of money but to be honest it doesnt look like I have put a cent into it, it looks more as if I've been parting it out. Luckily there is a collision and restoration center where I work, but I got a quote from them and I'm still looking at a hefty chunk of dough. I'm considering doing all the prep work myself, priming it and having them just do the final coats. As mentioned early, atleast with the prep coats u can screw up and fix it. Best of luck man, and remember its always best to wait and get it done right than rush and not get what you want.
  9. did u try the old stethiscope trick? (spelling?) see if ur injectors are getting a pulse, take a big screwdriver, hold it to the injector base, put ur ear on the handle (not the blade part...) and have someone crank the engine. Listen for a ticking noise, if its not ticking ur injectors probably arent firing, also mentioned earlier see if ur plugs are wet or dry. I know you said you have done the basics but usually by doing the basics u can trace the problem back. If your injectors arent firing then u know ur not gettin power to them and its most likely a problem mentioned earlier, u may have just looked over it. Im pretty familiar with the older 280z injection system due to mine being old, frail and on the verge of crapping out. Also check the fuel injector clips, they get really corroded inside (atleast mine were). I really dont know whats going on with the car since im not there to look at it but i just figured i would throw a couple ideas out there... good luck
  10. this really does sound like what i suggested... it doesnt sound like your not getting power to your injectors... check your fusible link and FI relays. mind had this same exact problem and it was the connection of the fusible link
  11. so u guys are sayin my Z is a parts car? :-P
  12. i rarely ever see them and i drive a good 100 miles a day. i see one but its parked right near my work. Its multi colored and not fully restored, but the guy drives it. It seems to be pretty quick; however, and sounds pretty nice.
  13. Check ur connections at the battery, i had the same problem with my Z and i check everything, i was bafffled. Stupid me looked at the connections and the fusible link wasnt tightend down. Sure enough i cranked her and she fired right up. i could be one hundred percent wrong but just a thought.
  14. nice man i know what i will be watchin the 29th
  15. id have to say the previous owner due to their hack job half a** repairs... drives me insane!!!
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