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  2. Can you see what made the POP? One of the rollers may have slipped out of the track.
  3. The video of your start up is labeled private and can't be seen.
  4. Maybe a "specialist" on USA type 240z's can chip in, could it be that you are missing these? (The Euro version don't have these..) (I got a set of these, they came from a garage here in the Netherlands and are about 35 years old but new old stock. A technician ordered the wrong part...it happens!) I've seen these go for 200 dollar a piece! and were in worse state.. If this is what you need you can make me a offer, but remember the shippingcosts are also high, if interested i could get you a estimate on shipping costs.
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  6. You need some rubber round thingy's to close those 2 holes in the front, orig. euro cars have them. these are about 3mm bigger then the hole is and stick out about 2,5 mm. And are a bit conical.. Here on the rear bumper to see, they are the same.
  7. When i look at picture 58.. i see a car with a very bad floor.. and then pay so much money for that ?? Where is it gonna end.. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1973-datsun-240z-154/
  8. AK260

    Fan clutch

    Duplicated post ... grrrr!
  9. I wouldn't weld it. It could make the chipping worse. The chips are not as bad as I thought they were. I assure I have seen worse and they worked fine for thousands of miles without giving any trouble. The most I would do is clean them up a little with a dremel grinder. Be a little carefull using reverse and definitely don't try pulling it into reverse while the car is still rolling forward. The most probable cause of those chips is people hitting reversewhen they come outof 5th to go back to 4th. It tends to happen more when the selector bushes are worn. That is why they a
  10. That's not correct then. The acc pedal only controles the butterfly valve, nothing more. So basically you control the " air valve ". The throttle valve is vacuum operated.
  11. You want base to the top of the circle? I can get that in the morning. I have 3 different sets to show. 2 have "1.7" stamped on them. The Grose valves do not. I went from the base to the top of the hex, making sure not to get the spring's wire on the one's I posted. Sadurday night baby, my eyes are bad at the moment.
  12. That's great progress!
  13. I’m getting ready to install these. I wonder if some loctite would address any looseness in the fit of these bushings.
  14. Yes I'll try it round the block first. Maybe the rabbit or a young malnourished child assembled the two that failed. Yes they were drinking and smoking ATF. Or possibly the bigger engine makes too much vac for the little modulators. I've got one for a 280zx to try next. My jack and jack stands are too short though. Difficult to get under the trans and it's hard to work on so close to the collector so I'm taking it where there's a lift to install the new one. Hurt my shoulder installing the last one. If my arm was a foot longer I could do it easy from the engine bay.
  15. Yesterday
  16. Yes, I was planning on using my floor jack to raise the diff into place. So with the mustache bar on the diff and the diff mount front member on the front of the diff, I will raise it into place and take the measurement. Sounds simple enough, just trying to avoid any unnecessary pitfalls. Thanks very much, E
  17. p.s. somebody has put some modified springs in there. There's only three coils. There's a certain spring from another car that works if it's cut right. Somebody has already been in to those struts. Is it one of those lowered to the ground cars? Might be that the shocks have been bottoming out and beat the heck out of that gland nut. Won't be surprised if they've been stripped completely out. The picture I posted above shows that there are probably only one or two threads holding the shock in the tube.
  18. Agreed take them down to metal. Wheee did you find them? I need just the same parts.
  19. On their television show they said "now and for something completely different". @Zed Head
  20. On Facebook. Still think you can get them cheaper
  21. Agreed. That was a fun read (even for those of us who didn't grow up in the Fraser Valley). Nice to a mention of my old racing acquaintance from Kelowna, Keis Neirop (1983 Sebring winner and also responsible for the only all-wood 240Z rotisserie that I've ever seen). I poked around on the internet this morning and tracked down the location of the old Chilliwak Datsun dealership. As someone else on the linked thread pointed out, it's now only a shadow of its old self, reincarnated as 'Campus Auto Sales' and 'Classic Cars'. You can clearly identify the original showroom building by its
  22. Mike

    Branson Z Fest

    Branson Z Fest is a annual Datsun/Nissan/Infiniti gathering located in Branson, Missouri that takes place the weekend after Memorial Day weekend each year. Registration is live! Stay tuned for updates! Make sure when you book your room, you book under the BZF pricing. This family oriented gathering features a laid back, welcoming environment to anyone with the “Z Spirit” with a “do as you please” schedule structure. Various events & group activities are organized during this event with an emphasis on maintaining & growing our Z family & continuing its special traditions while foc
  23. until
    Everyone is invited – you don't need to be a Member! Get there early, we expect a big turn out. First 75 Z cars will receive a free tee shirt, dash plaque, plus a goody bag with lots of car stuff. 45 trophies to be awarded! 1st, 2nd & 3rd place trophies in Stock and Street Mod, plus Ultra Mod / Roadster / GT-R trophies. Lots of great raffle items, and a 50/50! Food Truck for refreshments and lunch. A family friendly event: no alcohol, please be respectful & polite to our generous hosts. https://njzclub.com/EventNJZClubShow
  24. Hosted by the East Coast Z Association People's Choice Car Show (Saturday) Autocross and Racing Exhibitions Burnout Contest & Exhaust Competition Scenic Cruise Vendors, Kit Cars, Music and more... https://njzclub.com/EventECZNationals
  25. until
    ZDayZ is a southeast regional event for Datsun/Nissan Z-car, Infiniti G35/G37, and GTR enthusiasts. The main focus of ZDayZ is driving, but there are plenty of activities for all attendees. ZDayZ activities are arranged to attract all kind of car lovers. Though the primary focus is driving, other events allow attendees to show their cars, discuss mods, learn about detailing, and much much more. See our Galleries to get an idea of what happens at ZDayZ. In short, you come to ZDayZ for the cars and the roads, but you come back for the people. More information: https://www.zdayz
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    Welcome to the home of the Mt. Shasta Datsun Roadsters Meet. This 3-day event brings Datsun Roadsters and their owners together in one place to visit, network and just have a great time. Datsun enthusiasts from all around the US, Canada, Australia and Japan have made the trek to be a part of this meet to show their cars, share information, procure parts and exchange their stories on owning these wonderful cars. The event was held every year for the last 35 years until Covid-19 hit! There are several events that will take place during these 3 days, so stayed tuned for updates! https://www.m
  27. until
    Unfortunately Due to COVID concerns the Solvang Roadster Show has been Cancelled for 2021, We are on track for next year 2022! If you signed up and paid for 2021 you should have received a refund. If not contact us at your earliest convenience. More info here: https://solvangroadstershow.wordpress.com/
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  29. Oh, Socal is the hotspot for Z's baby... Parts from Motorsport Auto http://zcarparts.com/ Check into service from Les over at Classic Datsun - http://classicdatsun.com/
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