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  2. Happen to have a Nissan automatic pulled from a running car. Just for fun, removed the modulator and tested it with my vacuum pump - holds vacuum. Let me know if you need it ....
  3. As someone who has been spending too much time sanding as of recent, I can say you do start seeing things.
  4. Here's my car in the summer of 1980, getting ready for the big brewery strike that didn't really materialize into much. The strike in the summer of 1978 lasted over four months. At least I wasn't thirsty that summer.
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  6. I have to fight them while cooking a $10.99 ribeye. What do think I'm going to do? Kill 'em, family and all! My Dad said with his Coke bottle eyeglasses they look like buzzards.
  7. One thought on J&J clots is the needle injecting into a vein or artery rather than in muscle. This can be avoided by the injection technique: drawing back the needle after sticking it in. If blood is seen then it is in a larger vessel so do not inject there!
  8. Today we did the windshield now that I have all the stainless ready It's always surprising how much encouragement rubber seals take to get into the right place such a fine balance between force and broken glass!
  9. Thanks! I'm aware of the left-right distinction, but for clarity in this particular situation, given that all the work was done outside the car and facing the nose, I used left-right designations as observed. Re:the rubber plugs, I'd rather have a couple of chromed "buttons" in those holes. I honestly should have had the rechromer weld them up when he was repairing the rust and rechroming...
  10. Ernesto...I recently installed an RT Mount but the local guy I bought if from had installed a few of them and knew where to cut the snubber so I didn't have to go through the process of cutting the snubber to fit. If I did, I think I would try the following: With the diff removed, install the RT Mount with snubber. Use something to plumb (like a plumb bob if you have one) to plumb from the middle of the snubber to a spot on the garage floor and mark the spot. Measure and record the height from the bottom of the snubber to the mark on the floor. Remove the RT Mount. Raise the diff on your
  11. AK260

    Fan clutch

    I’m going to steal some of these ideas for our webmaster to think about! That’s a much nicer view than we have. [emoji106] Just been out for a quick one and sadly ran out of fuel about a mile in !!!! I need to pull the new sender and work out why it’s sticking at 3/4 - I suspect that last kink I didn’t fashion into a Z shaped one is the issue with the float pointing the opposite way probably sticking to something in the tank (it was a Datsun 510 one I modified to fit). At least now I don’t have to drain the tank to do it! The odometer was showing 165 miles since my last fill up, I suspect the
  12. I've watched a lot of videos and read quite a bit. I purchased a tool to compress the springs and paid quite a bit. It's supposed to be much safer than the cheap ones. Attached is a picture of the Z.
  13. I pull my chokes on, turn it over 4 or 5 times then the next turn over it hits and goes to 1,500 rpm. When it starts to sputter I shut off choke and go to the pedal from then on out.
  14. I am gonna post some links. There was some good info in there too. The engineers seem to agree, welding the hard surface is not a great option https://www.eng-tips.com/viewthread.cfm?qid=254331 https://www.eng-tips.com/viewthread.cfm?qid=314909
  15. Yes. If you don't take Mart ( @dutchzcarguy ) up on his offer I probably will. 🍀 NOS examples of the rubber filler are very difficult to find. Relatively good condition used filler pieces can be restored, but even those are not plentiful.
  16. Using the bronze ones from Zstore.
  17. Here's some aftermarket needle type.
  18. Yep, I took it out and inspected it. The rollers were all still intact and in their guides. The popping sound is made whenever you roll the regulator all the way up to where the glass should be fully seated. When the gear on the back of the regulator makes it to the end of its travel, instead of stopping it slips off the track and the pop noise is the spring forcing it back down. I'm thinking there used to be a stop on the track but the initial loud pop I heard was perhaps the last tooth on the track snapping off.
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  20. Agreed take them down to metal. Where did you find them? I need the same parts as I’m sure every S30 owner does.
  21. On their television show they said "now and for something completely different". @Zed Head
  22. On Facebook. Still think you can get them cheaper
  23. Mike

    Branson Z Fest

    Branson Z Fest is a annual Datsun/Nissan/Infiniti gathering located in Branson, Missouri that takes place the weekend after Memorial Day weekend each year. Registration is live! Stay tuned for updates! Make sure when you book your room, you book under the BZF pricing. This family oriented gathering features a laid back, welcoming environment to anyone with the “Z Spirit” with a “do as you please” schedule structure. Various events & group activities are organized during this event with an emphasis on maintaining & growing our Z family & continuing its special traditions while foc
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    Everyone is invited – you don't need to be a Member! Get there early, we expect a big turn out. First 75 Z cars will receive a free tee shirt, dash plaque, plus a goody bag with lots of car stuff. 45 trophies to be awarded! 1st, 2nd & 3rd place trophies in Stock and Street Mod, plus Ultra Mod / Roadster / GT-R trophies. Lots of great raffle items, and a 50/50! Food Truck for refreshments and lunch. A family friendly event: no alcohol, please be respectful & polite to our generous hosts. https://njzclub.com/EventNJZClubShow
  25. Hosted by the East Coast Z Association People's Choice Car Show (Saturday) Autocross and Racing Exhibitions Burnout Contest & Exhaust Competition Scenic Cruise Vendors, Kit Cars, Music and more... https://njzclub.com/EventECZNationals
  26. until
    ZDayZ is a southeast regional event for Datsun/Nissan Z-car, Infiniti G35/G37, and GTR enthusiasts. The main focus of ZDayZ is driving, but there are plenty of activities for all attendees. ZDayZ activities are arranged to attract all kind of car lovers. Though the primary focus is driving, other events allow attendees to show their cars, discuss mods, learn about detailing, and much much more. See our Galleries to get an idea of what happens at ZDayZ. In short, you come to ZDayZ for the cars and the roads, but you come back for the people. More information: https://www.zdayz
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