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  1. I used the 2 brown spacers (between the manifold and carburetors) from a 260 Z. They are thinner and allowed me to removed the stock air cleaner cover.
  2. Mark, I had a locking gas cap from a 68-71 BMW 1600 that worked on the 76 280Z I use to have. Partstrain.com has them for $28.00. The part number is: W0133-1621968.
  3. Are they the same caps that fit the Iron Cross wheels?
  4. Leon, Next time you're in Northern , CA try Cloverdale (Sonoma County) to Ft Bragg. Highway 101 to 128 to Highway 1 or: Ukiah to Ft Bragg Highway 101 to Highway 253 to Highway 1. Both of these routes are south of the Highway 20 to Highway 1. I used to take these routes in my 510, 91 Sentra Se-R, and 76 280Z. FUN! Dave
  5. Hey Nick, I am looking to sell my mostly stock 76 280Z. It does runs but it is a project car. I'm in Mendocino County. If you have any interest send me a PM (private message) for details
  6. Here's the last contact information I have for Dave: David W. Irwin 6421 105th St. N.E. Marysville, WA. 98270 [email protected] or P.M. me at any time.
  7. You should have another washer and bushing between the top nut and the sway bar.
  8. Nate, I have a California Orange 76 280Z with early 240 SU's. It's mostly stock and runs. email me at: [email protected]
  9. Find a good shop that can rebuild your alternator.
  10. I've come to the conclusion that I need to sell my 76 280z. It runs, is mostly stock and I will be asking far less than $7000. Send a PM or email me at [email protected] I am in Northern , California.
  11. Leonard, Sorry, I misunderstood what you were doing. I answered thinking you were converting a 280Z with a 240 engine with SU carbs. Dave Ruiz
  12. Hey Leonard, I have a 76 280Z that was converted to SU's in 2004. It was a daily driver and ran fine. I have a mechanical fuel pump from a 240. It was a straight bolt on. I did add a Fram G-3 fuel filter at the tank as well. New Fuel Pump: Kyosan 240z From Auto Parts Warehouse Item # W0133-1758912. Dave Ruiz
  13. Bruce, I just saw both stock and K*N on Ebay. Dave Ruiz
  14. I have a clock that was refurbished by Ron of Zclocks.com. it has a crack in the plastic face after a tree came through our roof last November during a windstorm It has few minor scratches but looks very good and still runs well. I also have a temp/oil gauge that worked as of a month ago. It's in good shape. Both are from a 76 280Z I also have a timer clock (with a second hand and one knob at the 6 o"clock position)that was also rebuilt by Ron at Zclocks. If you are interested contact me at [email protected]
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