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  1. I used the 2 brown spacers (between the manifold and carburetors) from a 260 Z. They are thinner and allowed me to removed the stock air cleaner cover.
  2. Mark, I had a locking gas cap from a 68-71 BMW 1600 that worked on the 76 280Z I use to have. Partstrain.com has them for $28.00. The part number is: W0133-1621968.
  3. Are they the same caps that fit the Iron Cross wheels?
  4. Leon, Next time you're in Northern , CA try Cloverdale (Sonoma County) to Ft Bragg. Highway 101 to 128 to Highway 1 or: Ukiah to Ft Bragg Highway 101 to Highway 253 to Highway 1. Both of these routes are south of the Highway 20 to Highway 1. I used to take these routes in my 510, 91 Sentra Se-R, and 76 280Z. FUN! Dave
  5. Hey Nick, I am looking to sell my mostly stock 76 280Z. It does runs but it is a project car. I'm in Mendocino County. If you have any interest send me a PM (private message) for details
  6. Here's the last contact information I have for Dave: David W. Irwin 6421 105th St. N.E. Marysville, WA. 98270 wolfin32z@yahoo.com or P.M. me at any time.
  7. You should have another washer and bushing between the top nut and the sway bar.
  8. Nate, I have a California Orange 76 280Z with early 240 SU's. It's mostly stock and runs. email me at: daveruiz_2000@yahoo.com
  9. Find a good shop that can rebuild your alternator.
  10. I've come to the conclusion that I need to sell my 76 280z. It runs, is mostly stock and I will be asking far less than $7000. Send a PM or email me at daveruiz_2000@yahoo.com. I am in Northern , California.
  11. Leonard, Sorry, I misunderstood what you were doing. I answered thinking you were converting a 280Z with a 240 engine with SU carbs. Dave Ruiz
  12. Hey Leonard, I have a 76 280Z that was converted to SU's in 2004. It was a daily driver and ran fine. I have a mechanical fuel pump from a 240. It was a straight bolt on. I did add a Fram G-3 fuel filter at the tank as well. New Fuel Pump: Kyosan 240z From Auto Parts Warehouse Item # W0133-1758912. Dave Ruiz
  13. Bruce, I just saw both stock and K*N on Ebay. Dave Ruiz
  14. Powderkeg

    Anyone have...

    I have a clock that was refurbished by Ron of Zclocks.com. it has a crack in the plastic face after a tree came through our roof last November during a windstorm It has few minor scratches but looks very good and still runs well. I also have a temp/oil gauge that worked as of a month ago. It's in good shape. Both are from a 76 280Z I also have a timer clock (with a second hand and one knob at the 6 o"clock position)that was also rebuilt by Ron at Zclocks. If you are interested contact me at daveruiz_2000@yahoo.com.
  15. Grant, Here's two places I have in my notes. I think you already have one. Good luck. Dave Moyer Fuel Tank Renu - antique gas tank repair restoration, classic car gas tanks GASTANK Gas Tank Renu - USA 12727 Greenfield Detroit, Michigan 48227 Sales: 800-932-2766 313-837-6122
  16. George, I cannot wait to follow this thread! What a task! Good luck. Dave
  17. Lowell, I have an Interstate 24-50 in my 76 20Z and it fits perfectly
  18. Here some notes about lens cleaning I got from Ron at Zclocks: Parts needed: Meguiars #17 Clear Plastic Cleaner. Meguiars #10 Clear Plastic Polish. Lens Cleaning First: Wash the lens and bezel with clear dish soap and blow dry. Second: Use a very soft cotton towel and polish with Meguiars #17 Clear Plastic Cleaner. The finish with Meguiars #10 Clear Plastic Polish. If you have deep scratches then use about a #800 grit polish to remove the scratches and then polish as above. You can also use Simichrome polish paste or an 800 grit lapping compound. Tachometer & Speedometer Lens: These can be completely removed to polish. Temperature & Fuel Gauge: They will need to be separated the lens from the bezel to get access to the lens. This requires that you cut the melted plastic on the bezel backing and glue it back after you have completed the polishing.
  19. Bart, I found some notes and hope it helps. Check the Following Areas: The Firewall Put in new seals and grommets especially around the throttle rod. Apply silicon around the old rotted grommets. Make it as airtight as possible. The Exhaust: Fix any exhaust leaks. Rear Quarters: Remove the inside drivers side panel where the antenna goes. This can be a major source of leaks from under the car. They are through the inside quarter panel just outboard of the muffler. To view these shine a light under the car and check for light coming through when looking inside the rear quarter panel section. The smaller of the two at the bottom is the power antenna drain plug. Replace or plug with silicon The other, larger higher up, appears to be some sort of drain plug. You have to get under the car to see it. It’s about 1.5 inches in diameter. Replace or use silicon to plug. Passenger side rear quarter panel: Check for rotted gas tank vent lines. Check for rotted grommets and replace or patch with silicon. Rear Deck & Tail Panel: Check gas tank vent hoses, Remove the taillights and check the condition of the gaskets. Replace as needed. Check rubber coverings around the bulbs. Be aware that the taillight assembly has a drain hole in the bottom. Do not plug this. The Rear Hatch: Check the condition of the 4 plugs in the inside lower edge below the narrow vinyl covered panel. Replace as needed. The inside panel inside of the hatch is about 2 ft x 6 inches. Remove this and attach clear polyethylene sheeting (like the vapor barrier sheeting in the door). Seal with silicon and attach the run a bead of silicon around the panel.
  20. Try placing an ad. Check e-bay,www.datsunstore.com,www.zcarsource.com. The filler tubes are getting harder to find and a bit pricey. Good luck. Dave
  21. I'm not sure what Dave's situation is. He was a great help to me and a lot of others with our Z's. Try him at: wolfin32z@yahoo.com
  22. Dave Irwin also repairs turn signal/ headlight switches and is MUCH cheaper than trying to find new ones. Dave Ruiz
  23. Contact Dave Irwin and see if he can make you a plug and play for the 260. If he does, you'll need to provide him with 2-3 stock 260 headlight plugs with about 3 feet of connected wire. That's what he did for mine and it was a direct plug-in that took about 45 minutes to install.
  24. Get Dave Irwin's. The workmanship is outstanding. He made one for my 280 Z and it works great.
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