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  1. i need a zx passenger front good condition rust free fender. and willing to ship to canada.
  2. when i turn off car the charge light on dash stays on. my battery is dead in the mourning . battery is good. any ideas
  3. has anyone removed the finish off a valve cover without using a sandblaster? if anyone did how hard was it? tks
  4. so did you u belong to the z club out there?
  5. how much does a 83 zx motor weigh with intake and acc
  6. i had a 280 motor put in my 240z. i had a mechanic rebuild it. he wanted to pre-oil before i started it. i want to start it today. is it posssible to pre-oil this engine? would it be worth waiting for?
  7. well it is a 38mm offset and i will get a tire to make it fit.
  8. i have a 71 z which is a inch lower because of the springs i put in. i found a rim i like on the net. i want 17 inch rims, and the smallest width this one will come is 7.5. will that fit on my car without going to coilovers and trimming the wheel well? i have searched thru the threads and cant seam to find an answer. tks for any help!
  9. i cant fill my car very full because when i drive quickly around a corner..gas pours out the cap and down the side of my car...at least i think it comes from the cap..could be the overflow i guess. does anyone else have this problem?
  10. i have a 71 z with a original trany. does the shifter attach with a bolt or a clip?
  11. i cant find any toyota brake calipers in my area. do you have any?
  12. there was a post about jap cars all done up..and the title started as "words escape me " i tried doing a search and could not find it.....can someone tell me were it is tks
  13. well i think i seen the same thing but it is a hole kit that they are selling...including a throttle body...i have that ....unless you saw something different?
  14. i am doing am putting a 83 turbo motor in my 71 240z. i bought a 60 mm throttle body off ebay. i did not realize that i needed a spacer/adaptor to make it fit/work. does anyone know where i could find one? is there anything else i might need in order for the part to fit?
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