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  1. I thought the same thing but the Grey is actually silver paint and not primer.
  2. OK so I have talked to the owner of the rust free 280z with the flares, rims, spoiler, air dam, etc. I am close to pulling the trigger on this one. 1978 datsun 280z flared Rust free Would $5k be a good deal on this car? I just don't know that much about the value on the 280z vs 240z. Help!
  3. Although I really do like the flared 280 that is rust free.
  4. Thanks for the links but I am really only interested in a 240 for this build as that is what my dads was. I have scoured CL in the PNW and have not really found anything else that looks like a good deal. This one has some potential too.... 1972 Datsun 240z
  5. I can throw $1-2k per month at this if I need to. I would like to get it as a solid runner with nice stance, fenders, cowl, spoiler, rims & tires, and interior 1st. Then worry about paint, and over the winter have the powertrain beefed up to either a L28ET, SBC, or the SR26. I would like to end around 300 hp. I am thinking $1500 for the car. $3-4k for astetics and suspension, $1k for the paint and body, and then $5k for the powertrain. If I can create a nice clean reliable driver with 300 hp for under $12k I would be very happy. I do not have a garage at this time and will be needing to rent a spot for it. I need to be able to drive it to my in-laws garage for day long projects, but I cant store it there. I do not have room for a parts car and I an not sure what the availability of used parts are here in Spokane Wa. Here are a couple of pics of cars that I am trying to get mine to look like eventually. Is my budget at all realistic????
  6. Here are some pics of Dads Z. It sat under a car cover for 5 years and rotted from the ground up. Hopefully will be able to do a fitting tribute.
  7. Long story short, my father had a 72 240z that we were going to fix as a father son project. Unfortunately he passed before it could become a reality and its time to find a 240z of my own to build with my sons. I have a starting budget of around $4k. I live in Spokane Wa and am willing to travel 500 miles or so for the right vehicle. I have found a 72 240z that is a few hours away from me. The owner know nothing about the car. I have talked him down to $1500 for it and might be able to get if for a little less. He says that there is no visible rust and the the motor ran when he got it, but wouldn't hold a charge. Would run for a few hours on a full battery charge, then would stop running. Not it won't start and he thinks its a fuel pump. He thinks that it has the 2.8 and not the 2.4. Here are the pics that I have of it. Does this look like a good cat to start with? 1972 Datsun 240z
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