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  1. I've loved S30 Z's since the first one I remember seeing in the mid 70's. I've never cried over a car, ever. I watched my Father cry over a 1965 Impala 396 Super Sport. But you Sir, have taken the cake and actually made me cry with that sentence above. I have read your every post and intently stared at every picture and I am in awe (again) of what the 240Z is, was and will always be. Because of you. Thank you.
  2. I got some materials back today, thanks Will! PM'd you on a related matter. Thanks, Chris
  3. I appreciate the work you've done and didn't like having to ask for the stuff back, but last week I had a need arise for the 71 FSM. Thanks! Chris
  4. Well....okay, twist my arm! But I would still pay for a second copy for my archives. And again, I ain't in no hurry at all to get my stuff back. When it's done, it's done. Thanks, Chris
  5. I don't want special treatment. I'll gladly pay for the two copies I'd like to have. As far as returning my materials Will, I believe I gave you instructions to use my United Parcel Service account number so it wouldn't cost you anything except getting it to the UPS pickup location. But, I'd gladly send you some funds if needed to return my materials. Bottom line, I'll wait as long as it takes for the DVD's. Chris
  6. Ought to be a law against snow on that 810 beauty. Man I miss mine! Chris
  7. Same here too, I'm ready to come out of hibernation and Old Man Winter just keeps hanging around. Maybe I can get him to go visit Arkansas. Bill likes visitors! Chris A.
  8. Got my new Nissan Sport yesterday, great great article on our very own Ron Carter. And his three great Datsun's. Very well done Sir!! Chris A.
  9. Video removed due to copyright claim.:disappoin:disappoin
  10. Beautiful car, is that who I think it is?
  11. Holy Crap will you look at that... http://www.sfzcc.com/Events/2007/ZCON/Zcon15.jpg I'm not usually a big fan of ultra modified but this one really blows me away.
  12. Saw this on Jada's website in the "Coming Soon" section. Chris
  13. At least I took a shot at it. Your answer was so helpful in deciphering the tach in question. Nice job! :stupid:
  14. I'd guess 280ZX as well based on font and needle. Here's a comparison pic of a stock gauge.
  15. So my shop must be cursed as this happened a few weeks ago. Just glad it wasn't any of my cars as I occasionally parked by the sign.
  16. I can imagine so in Cali. I was just trying some bad humor. Out here its just your typical small block Chevy or 302 Ford. Did have a factory Scarab at Midwest Z Fest over the Labor Day Holiday, it was very nice. I wonder if the other Jada Option D Z's are 4 bangers as well?
  17. That'd be that rare SR20DET model! Still pretty neat model though. I'm on the hunt for them today. Thanks for the pictures.
  18. Anybody have or seen this one for sale anywhere? Made by same company, Jada Toys.
  19. Thanks for the tips guys, off to Wally World I go.....
  20. Wrench or vise grips for u-joints? You can replace u joints with a mallet and a deep impact socket that's slightly smaller than the outside diameter of the u joint needle bearing cap. Remove the shaft from the car. Open your bench vise just wide enough to set the end of the shaft across the open vise jaws. It helps if you can stabilize the shaft from moving. A helper friend works well! You could clamp the yoke in the vise as shown in the picture but it boogers it up. Take some needle nose pliers or a small needle punch and remove the retaining clips from the inside of all four points of the u joint. Use caution here, as those clips can go flying right into your eyeball! Next, use the deep socket and mallet to drive downwards on the needle bearing cap. Drive it down far enough to drive the opposite cap out of the shaft's yoke. When the opposite cap pops out or is out enough to grab it then pull it out, flip the shaft over and drive it back the opposite direction. Do this on all four axis' of the u joint/yoke assmebly. When its all apart, use some emery cloth and clean the needle cap bores on both yokes. Then just put it back together while observing how far to drive the new caps on so you can re-insert the new clips in the new u joint kit. If you drive them on too far, you will bind the u joint. Just barely get the clip groove in far enough. And lastly, don't forget to grease them puppies! Some people beat on the yoke itself to drive the opposite side out, I don't as I don't want to bend the yoke ear. Picture 1) Internal clip holding bearing cap in place. Picture 2) Yoke assembly on vise (clamped in this case) Picture 3) Bearing cap coming out of yoke. Picture 4) Caps out on two sides, ready for other two.
  21. Hi Juergen, I have looked the Dana/Spicer website over and can't find any European links. I'm surprised that none of our other European friends haven't chimed in hear and told us what they use or where to get them. There is a huge parts distribution network in the UK called Serck Intertruck. I would think they could maybe tell you who a Dana/Spicer supplier is. You might try hear. http://www.serckintertruck.co.uk/branch1.htm I'm sorry I can't help you more but I won't give up yet. Chris
  22. Hi Juergen, If you have a Dana/Spicer supplier near you, I recommend these. They will be complete kits for what you need. Spicer #5-1501X on the main driveshaft. (102-0361 Beck-Arnley) Spicer #5-1505X on the half shafts. (102-0379 Beck-Arnley) I can provide more suppliers cross reference numbers if you need them. Chris
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