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  1. I've loved S30 Z's since the first one I remember seeing in the mid 70's. I've never cried over a car, ever. I watched my Father cry over a 1965 Impala 396 Super Sport. But you Sir, have taken the cake and actually made me cry with that sentence above. I have read your every post and intently stared at every picture and I am in awe (again) of what the 240Z is, was and will always be. Because of you. Thank you.
  2. I got some materials back today, thanks Will! PM'd you on a related matter. Thanks, Chris
  3. I appreciate the work you've done and didn't like having to ask for the stuff back, but last week I had a need arise for the 71 FSM. Thanks! Chris
  4. Hey man, nice car! I'm thinking of tinting my Z, what percentage did you have yours done in? 20% all around? Any probs with police?


  5. Well....okay, twist my arm! But I would still pay for a second copy for my archives. And again, I ain't in no hurry at all to get my stuff back. When it's done, it's done. Thanks, Chris
  6. I don't want special treatment. I'll gladly pay for the two copies I'd like to have. As far as returning my materials Will, I believe I gave you instructions to use my United Parcel Service account number so it wouldn't cost you anything except getting it to the UPS pickup location. But, I'd gladly send you some funds if needed to return my materials. Bottom line, I'll wait as long as it takes for the DVD's. Chris
  7. Ought to be a law against snow on that 810 beauty. Man I miss mine! Chris
  8. Same here too, I'm ready to come out of hibernation and Old Man Winter just keeps hanging around. Maybe I can get him to go visit Arkansas. Bill likes visitors! Chris A.
  9. Got my new Nissan Sport yesterday, great great article on our very own Ron Carter. And his three great Datsun's. Very well done Sir!! Chris A.
  10. Video removed due to copyright claim.:disappoin:disappoin
  11. Beautiful car, is that who I think it is?
  12. Holy Crap will you look at that... http://www.sfzcc.com/Events/2007/ZCON/Zcon15.jpg I'm not usually a big fan of ultra modified but this one really blows me away.
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