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  1. Carl is right on regarding if you make through round 1 to round 2 at ZCON you have a very good Z. Judging for a Gold Medallion is always very critical regarding the correct parts, fit and finish. Congratulations for your awards. Bob
  2. Thanks. It was the first year for this event. They hope to have a Japanese class next year. That would be a good addition.
  3. You want to be sure the trailer brakes activate before your tow vehicle does. Most controllers have a recommended starting point. Obviously how much load you have, the trailer braking system and driving conditions are all variables. You will have to play with the adjustments while you are on a road test. You do not want the trailer brakes to lock up in a hardstop (not servere) but you do want the trailer to do a lot of the braking in that situation. That helps to keep the truck and trailer in a straight line stop.
  4. Hardway, Good luck in the pursuit of a tow vehicle. All the things that have been brought up about engine size, towing capacity, weight load set up etc are all very important. There was a mention as well about brakes and the use of a brake controller. If anyone has not towed a trailer, with a load, especially downhill this item can easily be overlooked. Some people just plug in the harnesses and away they go only to have the trailer try to pass them in an emergency stop going down a grade. Be sure the controller is properly adjusted as well. I tow with a Titan and my set up basically allows
  5. https://youtu.be/-oeQaTzGQ04
  6. It has been couple of weeks since the Hilton Head Concours but I thought I would share what the Japanese car did versus the Italians! On November 2nd the 13th annual Hilton Head Concours d’Elegance was held at the Port Royal Golf Course. The Z was invited after a successful Pinehurst Concours this past May. The car was placed in the Sports Car- International class with 3 Ferraris and an Alfa Romeo. The 3 man judging team not only checked the cars for any flaws but you also had to demonstrate that all the lights, horn, wipers, radio and engine worked. The Alfa and one of the Ferrari Dino’s
  7. The part number is actually a Nissan part number for the "ornament assembly" but unfortunately it is no longer available.
  8. Carl, Nice Facebook reference too! I understand that in the next issue of the ZCCM there will be an article on taking a Z to a Concours. The intent of that article is to get more of that level of Z's to one. They are out there, they might need some kick starting to enter. The door has opened from a lot of these events to extend invitations for entry.
  9. Congratulations to both owners and thanks for waving the Datsun 240Z flag!!
  10. All of the a/c units were dealer installed. The factory supported unit was made by Frigiking but ARA made one also that many people had installed.
  11. Best in Class- Collector Foreign
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