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  1. Really a very bad surprise. The panels look poor and have no chrome stripe. Hope you did not spend too much money. I got mine from an ebay seller in Canada. Brand new and like the originals. Price was 500 USD - quite a lot, but I got a perfect product. I think it will be very difficult to get such a rare part for a cheaper price. Juergen
  2. Hi, 240 Z, 1973: Is there a kind of cover under the dash (passenger side), to hide the fan blower motor and the "electrial stuff" on the outer right side? How does it look like, if there is one? Thanks in advance Juergen
  3. I´m located in Munich. The photo session was a bit closer to your home Finland: the Northsea-area of Wilhelmshafen. Juergen
  4. As promised acouple of weeks ago I´d like to share some pics. Let me give you some background information: My "new" Z is from July 73, originally delivered to California. Since 1991 it is in Germany. Over the last 10 months we did a full restoration - and now it´s almost done. All unexpected technical problems are now fixed (half shafts, clutch master cylinder, distributor) - and I have only some minor work on the interior (door skins, ignition lock and the window frames, to protect the glass from rattling). Then I´m exactly where I wanted to get my project. It is a good feeling to have it back on the street. Juergen
  5. Hi Chris, Thanks for the part numbers. Do you have a (web)contact, where I can get Spicer products? If you look at my home, you can see I´m from Germany and my usual sources in the US are not very helpful with these special parts. On Monday I´ll try Jeff from Zcar Source of Arizona. I know, he has many parts and knows what he´s dealing with. Juergen
  6. MSA and Black Dragon (no tech-line available) say no and have no idea where to get them. I spoke to both. Any suggestions? Thanks/ Juergen
  7. Hi, I want to replace the half shaft U-joints on my 240Z. The parts are available from MSA and black Dragon - but not the needle bearings and c-clips. Does anyone of you have an idea where to get them? My old ones are very rusty and I think they will be damaged when pressed out. Next thing: do the driveshaft u-joints also request needle bearings? Thanks for your help. Juergen
  8. Today I wrote my first reply in this forum on Filipes project (Portuguese Restoration) - time to introduce myself: I´m in my midfourties, living in Munich and I love cars (my Corvette C5/2000, my Mercedes 380 SL/1985 and for sure my "new baby" a 240Z. At first I want to thank all of you. In your forum I found so much information and so many pictures, that were so helpful to me. Here in Germany the Datsun 240Z is a very rare car (40-50 left) and you will find not much about it here (info and parts). You can imagine what this means for a full restoration. I started my project in February this year. The very beginning was a (by far too expensive) car from Austria, that came originally from the US. It was still running, the body was very good and almost rustfree, the motor incl. carbs was redone. The "rest" was my job (that´s not true: a bodyshop and a very talented mechanic did it). Today my project is almost finished. I think 2-3 weeks to go and she is back on the street. Puhh... it took a lot of work, a lot of money and a lot of research where to get the parts, that I needed. Some details: 240Z from 5/1973; color change from orange to a dark silver (sorry to all fans of the original color), 6 in 1 header, MSA 2,5´´ exhaust, KYB struts, new poly-bushings, new glass, new seals, new chrome, new Rota RB wheels (7x15) and a lot more. I´ll attach two pictures, to give you a first impression (sorry for the poor quality). I will post some more pics in about 3 weeks - promised. Have a good time / Juergen
  9. Hi Filipe, I´m deeply impressed. My hometown is Munich and I´m also a big fan of Z cars. I bougt my 73 240Z in February 2007. My restoration will not be as perfect as yours, but I hope to get a very good car. It´s almost ready now and I will be able to post some more pics in about 2-3 weeks. Sorry for the poor quality. It´s great to see, that the European Z-community is growing. In Germany I guess we have also only aproximately 50 cars alive. Juergen
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