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  1. just wanted to compliment you on your you-tube video...it got me through my engine rebuild last year.

  2. Well, basically I needed a transmission solution. And after looking at different options, I decided not to go with the 280zx trans because I am certain to have the same problem with syncros going out. All of the zx transmissions I was able to find were expensive and had higher miles than my own broken transmission. I am really excited about this swap. In fact all I am waiting for is the bell housing and driveshaft to come back from the machine shop! I will keep you posted. Thanks for all the info.
  3. At the end of the summer last year, I came to the conclusion that the syncros in my 4-speed trans were going bad. And I've decided to go with the 240sx trans. I am aware that my bell housing needs some modification to fit the sx trans. I've already talked to a local machine shop. The driveshaft will probably have to be shortened. I've done a great deal of research and I'm pretty confident in my ability to make this work. But I was wondering, if there is anyone else out there that's done it, do you have any advice?
  4. Well, it finally happened. My driver's regulator went out. I removed the door panel and it seems that the gear is free spinning inside the regulator. I've decided to replace it but I'm having trouble finding one. Any ideas where I can get one?
  5. Well, in my garage sits a '95 grand prix with a 3.4 and the trans out of a saab 900 that we've been working on. It belongs to my brother. The Z is sitting outside. *tears*
  6. As far as I'm concerned, it's just an ugly 350Z. If that's the direction they are going they need to just give it up and quit before they lose their asses. The 350Z was a sweetheart but not the "370Z" Could have at least called it 360Z or 380Z. God, why 370???
  7. I am strongly considering beginning my resto in the fall. Where on earth does one start? I have very little body work to do, she'll need paint. The biggest part of the resto is going to be in the interior and mechanical components. I will probably rebuild that engine, all new suspension. I'd like to replace my 4-speed with a 5-speed trans.
  8. I was going to surprise Jason and take him to a show. I wish I had been more motivated. All we have left and tapes and dvd's and memories...We were big fans. My heart is really broken.
  9. ZBane, that was my goal this summer but it's seeming less and less likely that i'll make it. Who knows, maybe Kharma will force me to go. She doesn't like sitting there alone.
  10. That really is a terrific idea. We have a thing here in NW Indiana in Crown Point. Every Thursday, car lovers gather at the square and hang out from 7pm on. It gets busted every now and again because of some young punk (usually in a Cavalier or Civic or something like that) laying rubber around the corner. Or once it was a girl in a Z I haven't been in a while but it's a blast when I do go.
  11. I woke up this morning, turned on the t.v. and saw that. The only thing I knew to do was to go back to sleep. It's not worth waking up today.
  12. The gear is stripped.... Anyone know where I can get a new one?
  13. Well apparently it stopped working after the previous owner replaced the clutch. I finally looked into it today and the cable’s not turning at all. It appears to be in the trans. Idk why its not turning. Can I get instructions on reseating it into the trans?
  14. Hey guys, It's been a while. I just wanted to say hi and that I haven't forgotten about my friends here. You are priceless. I am not in the best health right now but hopefully soon I can drive my car again. Enjoy those Z's a little for me!
  15. I have people tell me stories like that every time I take her out, but that one almost broke my heart. I've seen him again since then and got the same reaction. People love the car because it takes them back to a distant time of their life. For me, the car is much older than I am but I can appreciate how the people who witnessed it it feel. I only wish I were there.
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