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24 months of intensive restoration, and I'm almost done.

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Hey men and women.

My name's Jared, and I'm a new member. I hope you enjoy my story and my resto/mod. Don't cringe (if you're the kind that cringes at restoMODDED 240Z's. It's not that bad (I don't think!;)

This is my 14th S30 Z. I love these cars. I never could afford to keep one long (I bought most of them in 'not running' condition, made them run well, and sold them at a small profit. Now, I can afford to keep one, so I wanted to build one that I would WANT to keep forever.

I looked for a year or so for this car. I wanted a lime pre-73 240Z with a manual. I wanted it to be a pretty straight and solid car. I found one in October 2007. Since then, the car has undergone 90% of it's rebirth. I hope to be driving her before Christmas.

The goals were this:

Retain all the glory of the 240Z. Everyone has an opinion. Mine is that the 240Z is gorgeous as-is and I don't like body mods (for the most part).

I wanted to have it be perfect in every way, and retain all real Datsun parts as much as possible.

I wanted it to be as fast and handle as well as my 2006 Porsche 911S (that also is heavily modified).

Here's how she was when I bought her.





So... like they do it on the TV shows, we took it apart. ALL THE WAY.



We only had small amounts of rust, and only dollops of bondo, to clear out. We cut out every trace of rust and formed metal to replace it all perfectly. There is no bondo in the car now.

We laser aligned the seams, adding metal to make everything perfect where it wasn't from Datsun.


And went back lime.


The bottom of the car was rust proofed, and then actually RhinoLined the bottom of it, with tint matched perfectly to the Datsun lime. (We left the wheel wells black).


Then, we started reassembly.

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You'll notice the engine cradle for the SR20DET. Mine is a 2003 S15. I couldn't use the 6 speed, because I'll be making too much HP. So I got a 5 speed, which holds more power, out of an S14 Sylvia.


Please note the screws in the doors and such. We restored every screw, bolt, nut, and washer that was reused.


Since I wanted to have it handle as well as my other car, we installed Arizona Z Car coilovers, as well as camber plates. I'm really proud of the camber plate install.




I put on the Arizona Z Car Wilwood kit, which is 6 pistons on the front and two on the rear. The proportion valve is trick installed in the stock center console.


All the billet goodies.


A real NISMO R200 LSD.


CCW 17" Classic 3 piece custom wheels with Michelin Pilot Sports.


Aeromotive fuel system in the spare wheel well.


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Modern Motorsports 5 lug hubs.


The wiring for the SR20 working with the S30 took a bunch...


On to the engine...

I went to National Speed, Inc in Wilmington, NC.

They took the engine apart, bored it, balanced the crank, put ARP rods on it, with new Brian Crower pistons, new Brian Crower cams and timing, and pretty much didn't spare anything to have an incredible engine. Since I didn't want more than 400HP, they built it to put out closer to 500, but then set out to minimize lag and turn it back down to 400 with little to no lag. The engine is being installed and tuned there now. We are using a "clean slate" AEM engine computer, and they are pros at tuning those babies.







Edited by blakt out
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The interior is 100% perfect and stock. Everything has been recreated or bought actually old, in Datsun plastic and never opened, or New Old Stock, such as the dash. Since the car's in the engine shop, I don't have the interior in to be able to show you yet. Soon! In the meantime, here's some final pics of how she looks.



You can see that we cleaned up the bumpers. Also, I'm putting an air dam on it for functional reasons. That's about the extent of my comfort with exterior mods. I didn't shave the corner lights or anything like that. Just my taste...





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Do we dare ask how much you're into it for, so far?

I'm not going ANYWHERE as ballistic as you, and I know that I'll be in for an easy 10 to 12K. Easily. And I'm keeping the original motor, trans, diff and other things. But the paint, new bolts (mostly stainless and newly plated) Polishing compounds and pads, metals and weldiong materials, Tires and wheels (Rota RB 17X9's with 265/45 ZR rated tires?) ZG fender flares, bright orange paint (solid 2 stage) etc, etc.

I definately applaud your efforts and choice of products, The car should be what YOU as a driver wants, not what everybody else thinks Should be in or on it.

Great Job so far, You can see my 260Z build here...... http://www.cardomain.com/ride/3195135 Thanks for sharing, I think you just reinspired me to get back out in the garage..... Tomorrow.


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Outstanding work! I love the fact that you're staying with mostly stock interior and exterior. The mechanical is a bit over the top for my taste, but well done.

Obviously, this one is a work of love. You are undoubtedly into this car far more than you could sell it for. And I'm OK with that, too.

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Uh, WOW!!!! You are building my dream Z. In a current thread, we have been discussing C pillar cracking. I am curious what you are you doing to avoid this? I probably speak for us all when I say that we anxiously await more news and pics of the build. Nice work:beer:.


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Damn, that's not bad at all, Car must have been in some pretty decent shape before you started. Now mind you, I don't have 10K in receipts yet, but I am at about $2500, but I don't have a paint job, tires & wheels, or an interior yet either. Awesome job man.

You guys make me wish I could finish the car by next week. But Mr. Lotto hasn't paid any attension to me lately, or EVER.


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Thanks for the welcome! Which is the C pillar? The joint between quarter panel and decklid?


I think you got me wrong. Over $100,000. I paid a Barrett Jackson-level resto shop to do the labor. I did the design. I've done my own before. This time, I wanted a perfect Z.

I know I'm WAAAY over the top on this car, but it is what it is. Nobody call my wife!

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Z's... I was going to say... Blakt Out didn't say 5 figures, he said 6 figures. That's a bit over the top for me. I think my neighbor across the street paid something like that for his Aston Martin. To be honest, I love my Z, but... over 100K? Not that much. On the other hand, your spending the money and I am really enjoying looking at the pictures! So keep on spending, and keep on posting those pictures. :) Thanks for sharing, you're building a work of art.

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Nice to see you on this board as well. I got a Resto-mod in the works that will have a ton of factory parts along with some real cool mods. It should compare in some ways with you project but our price tag is not there yet....could be soon. It is not cheap doing projects like this. I love Blakt Out's car...a true beauty.

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Fantatic job so far, I can't wait to see the rest of it. I'm with Z's on this, using your level of enthusiasm to inspire me to get back in the garage. Definately keep the pics coming, as I'm sure more than a few of us will use the tips and tricks seen on our own rides. WOW!!!

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HOLY CRAP JARED!!!! When you said 6 figures, I was thinking $6K. Now I don't feel so bad about me possibly hitting 10 to 12K when I'm done. I'm doing 95% of ALL the work on my Resto-Mod. If it's not destroyed, I'm rebuilding it. So you won't see all the labor costs mixed in with my final bill. The most expensive thing I'll pay for will obviously be the paint job. I'm doing all the body work so I'll only have to pay for the local shop to shoot it and wet-sand it and buff it out. This is as close to a One Man Show as I can get.

once again, DAMN Jared. Wish I had 1/4 of your budget. or 1/8th to get me moving one mine.


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Yeah. The stuff really adds up.

But on top of labor, here's some quick numbers-

(These numbers are off the top of my head, not the receipts)

New Dash - $2800

CCW Wheels and Michelin Tires - $6000

SR20DET - $2500

Rebuild of SR20DET, all turbo equipment, lightweight flywheel/clutch, tuning - $15000

Genuine NISMO R200 LSD, rebuilt - $1000

Restored Steering wheel from Classic Datsun (Les Cannaday) $400

Complete interior, etc... it goes on and on.

Then there's the Wilwoods, the coil overs, all the custom stuff in the suspension, the fuel system...

A lot has been spent on labor, but a lot on quality parts too.

I have my Porsche for sale now to finish the Z. The Porsche won a shootout in Excellence Magazine of tuner 911s, and was the cover car, and I'm letting THAT one go to be able to fund the Z!

Edited by Arne
Corrected cost of steering wheel
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I can't wait to see this thread when I get home. My dad and I can't see pictures from work. I have been thinking about installing an SR in my Z (once I finally get one) I am glad to see someone else is doing it. I had always thought it would be a terrific engine for the Z reducing weight while also allowing lots of room for a trick IC setup (mounted at a 45 angle in front of the motor).

Only thing I wondered was weight split. I was shocked when we weighed my dads lime 72 and it was a perfect 50/50. I worried that the SR might actually screw up the distribution.

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Oh. Car will reside here with me in Knoxville, TN.

KNOXVILLE........I thought I was the only one here.

I can't believe I haven't seen you around, are you out West. Have you been to any of the club events.

European Auto Garage does a cars and coffee, you need to bring the Z in November.

Look forward to seeing it in person.


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Have you been over to Maryville yet to visit Roger - if you are looking for a part, odds are, Roger has it - it's really crazy to see all the stuff that he does have if you are looking for that hard to find something. Beautiful work and budget!

The Z Barn


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Thanks for the welcome! Which is the C pillar? The joint between quarter panel and decklid?

Above the quarter window, where the rear quarter and the roof meet. I want to do mine right, and thought probably had some advice on that part of the car. I'd hate to crack that rather fragile part of the car after I redo it. Thanks, and, keep the pics a comin'!


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