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  1. I appreciate it, fellas. I agree totally about the value of the dollar sucking in all cases except for the needy seller. If we could all be responsible for ourselves and not just print more money... Anyway, I doubt I'll ever top it. I mean, if I decide to build something else (decide= can afford it again) I'll do a track car... and likely just a new one. I really love the Porsche GT3. Thanks much for the props on the Modified mag comment. I definitely felt proud to be representing the Datsun guys as best as I could there. Take care, Jared
  2. Hey guys. Thought you would all like to know that the car is about to be shipped to Dubai. It sold again. For more. Jared
  3. I've got a brand new set of Modern Motorsports rear control arms with all the stuff that came with them. Totally packed up and ready to ship. I've also got a Motorsport Auto rear sway bar. It's in the box ready to go. Installed it enough to see that it wouldn't work for my car. I assume everything's with it. First $100 plus shipping gets the Control Arms. First $40 plus shipping gets the sway bar. Need them gone asap. Email me at jared@jaredcullop.com if you want them. I'll respond immediately.
  4. Hey guys. I appreciate the convo. In the end, I didn't build it to sell. Maybe it WON'T sell. But I had 4 buyers over $50k on eBay, and none of them had seen the car, as far as I know. I love talking speculation and guessing at the market of cars. I'm glad to have done something for us ALL (self included) to guess over! I've got some other things up my sleeve, exposure-wise, to get this car out into the right eyes. I have to say, this is pretty fun! I don't, however, have a clue what this statement here is about. Me?
  5. So funny. OP noticed this and was like, "WTF?" On one forum, his name is Jeff and on another his name is Rich. The info was good. That part that you put in bold there Jeff was the funny part.
  6. Ah, now this is good. Thanks Steve. What's the FSM? I couldn't find this online anywhere. Field Service Manual, maybe?
  7. The slave is brand new and we've tested it, so I don't think it's that. We've done exactly as you say. Actually, EVERYTHING is brand new, they just haven't paired well together. Thanks again!
  8. Zed Head: Great. Thank you all for your help on this. Thing is, all of this is for Z hardware. My drivetrain is a Sylvia S15 with a Sylvia/240SX S14 trans. That's a great point about getting a correctly matching slave... Jared
  9. Bruce: Thanks a ton. I've used your company before on another build and very much appreciate it. So we're clear though... from what I can find online, the Sylvia/240SX has a 3/4" master cylinder (but I'm not positive yet). That's what my trans came from, and I have that same slave on it. That's also what the clutch was made for. But I'm pushing it with an OEM 240Z Master, which is a 5/8". Seems that if I go to 3/4" on the master, I'll be back to good. And I'll be straight up with you, I don't know what the collar is. Is that the part with the actual male piece on the slave that pushes on the c
  10. Hey guys: Yeah, I'm getting good travel at the slave. It's just that it needs that little bit more to fully let go. No bleed issue. Parts are good. I've found out the following: An S14 has a 3/4" master. That's what my transmission is and my clutch made for. The slave is from an S14 too. So the OEM 240Z Master (5/8") is a bit smaller. The whole system is getting less than it was designed for. However, I wondered if there was a way not to go with the Wilwood 3/4" master and instead go with a 280ZX (or some other larger OEM) master without having to drill into my firewall for new mounting points
  11. Hey guys: I've got the Competition Clutch Stage 4 clutch kit and lightweight flywheel on my SR. I'm currently using the stock 1972 master cylinder, and with all the adjustment out of the rod (under the dash) it doesn't engage.... in other words, it's hard to get in and out of first and reverse. I need to go to a larger master cylinder, right? So, the stock one is 5/8", right? And Wilwood makes one that is a 3/4". Or... can I just go down to AutoZone and get a 280ZX master? What size is it? 15/16? I read that with the ZX one, I'll have to drill on the firewall, which is just not a solution for
  12. The only car that you an have a foot long mullet and still somehow blend in with. Good call. Be sure to have your nickname embroidered into the seats and floormats, and definitely don't forget the chrome tail light louvers.
  13. So far, two offers over half that. Of course, I didn't take them. What I have here is the nicest 240Z in America that isn't a time capsule stock car. There may be another this nice, but there's none nicer. On top of that, it's been fully modernized, and weighs substantially LESS than a stock 240Z but has multiples of the power. If it doesn't bring that, then I'm fine. But MK1888... geez... get real.
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