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  1. Interesting and thank you for sharing that information. I was concerned about the drive shaft length in that conversion, seems like it would be pulled back too much. My existing mount still has the rubber in place it’s just separated from the steel. I honestly have more of a chirp than a clunk. I wonder if it’s possible to some how reattach the two components. Thanks for the feedback
  2. Can the “newer” mount be turned around and fit the “older” diff, trans, drive shaft, mustache bar configuration?
  3. Is this theory or is it truly that easy? I’m getting fed up with the clunk and really don’t want the change everything around it if possible. thanks
  4. Don’t drink the pink sugar!! That stuff will kill you, stick to the Milo’s original sweet tea. Thanks for the info, Hopefully I can get some time soon for my next project. Did you ever get a Mata’s pizza?
  5. Tell me more, share a link. I vaguely recall seeing a thread on the topic but my summer work schedule has limited my Z homework time. thanks
  6. I had good luck with Cardone via Rock auto, about a 2 week turn around
  7. And I’m reminded of the words of wisdom spoken by my father “son, nothing is as easy as it seems”... Just for poop and laughter I think I’m going to try a new arrester strap. The part is inexpensive and I have access to a lift to simplify installation.
  8. I took a peek at my existing mount and it appears to be in decent shape. Would it be worth trying to replace just the arrester strap to stop or reduce the clunk or bite the bullet and go for the RT mount?
  9. I have a 10/70 build 71 model with the monkey motion shifter which I believe pulls everything forward a bit and the mounts changed slightly with the “B” type transmissions. From what I gather mounts that fit my setup are impossible to find. I’m just now digging into this as my next project so I’m sure I have a lot to learn. Thanks for the links, I’ll check them out.
  10. I have come across a few different options for diff mounts but I hadn’t seen this one discussed. Has anybody tried this mount? Seems like it would transfer a lot of vibration throughout the car. I’m out of luck with the typical OEM type mount due to my car’s setup. Thanks
  11. Well that’s an easy solution! Why didn’t I think of that... sometimes I tend to overthink things. Thanks @Terrapin Z what about the line that comes from the device, I can’t recall the name off the top of my head, fuel guide maybe? Not sure of its purpose but it also is connected to the back of the breather box. Do you know what it’s purpose is and an alternate way to connect it?
  12. I bought a set of K&N filters to install on my round tops. I know I’ll see no performance gain or gain any credits amongst the purists but I just kinda like the way they look, along with the valve cover breather. I’m keeping all the original parts in a box when/if I want them in the future. My question is what do I do with the float bowl overflow lines that are routed into the factory breather box? Thanks
  13. Damn the luck... I’m headed out of town for the weekend. Maybe next time.
  14. Finally had some time to spend fiddling with the choke and throttle linkage and I feel like I’ve hit the sweet spot. After bending the arms to the nozzle, adjusting the linkage and cable slack I now have some throttle control with the choke lever. At full “pull” I get the enrichment needed on cold start then can ease off that to a leaner mix while still giving some throttle. No more babysitting while it’s warming up! From dead cold I can give it full choke, crank it up, let it run till it stumbles then ease off the choke to more of a high idle setting. Let it run like that for a few minutes t
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