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  1. Gentlemen, thank you for the advice. I changed to the AC Delco this morning and within A 15 mile test drive I can tell an enormous difference! I would agree that the synchros are probably somewhat worn add that to a poor gear oil choice and it equaled a bad grind. I feel like I’m good for now but I’ll probably dive into the transmission over the winter. I read somewhere that the earlier transmissions had “Porsche” type synchros? Is that not the case?
  2. Aggressive like when your coming into a curve and downshift from 3rd to 2nd. Pretty bad grind in that situation. 1st to 2nd is smooth unless I’m really pushing it (I’ve only had it happen once or twice). I live in the mountains so lots of opportunity for hard or aggressive downshifts coming into corners. Hopefully the oil will make a difference, if it were worn synchros I think double clutching would hide that issue but not 100% sure. Good info on the oil, I’ll save it as long as there are no shavings on the plug when I drain it. Could the clutch pedal need to be adjusted, friction point is a little over half way up. thanks for the pointers
  3. I just received AC Delco synchromesh friction modified oil, plan to change tomorrow if all goes well. Can the fluid or friction plate really make that much difference for only one gear? All other shifts are smooth as silk. It took a few attempts but I’ve wrestled most of the monkey motion out of the shifter and it feels great other than the 2nd gear downshift grind. It did have the grind prior to my fix on the monkey motion.
  4. So I have a grind downshifting to 2nd. My first thought is I need to replace the synchros, yet even when double clutching I still get the grind. I can drive around casually just fine but the least bit of aggression creates a grind. Thinking that when the first road salt goes down I’m gonna drop the transmission and see what is going on. Could the gear be screwed up? My question is, where is the best place to shop for parts for a Type A transmission? Plan to do a complete clutch rebuild and rear main seal while I’m in there, I just want to get the best parts so I only have to do this once. Thanks for the help
  5. I was using the GMB as a parts donor for my KD pump. I ground out the “nubs” to get the check valves and installed them in the KD pump using the screws and plate. The sizes of both the the valves and squared o-rings were/are a perfect fit. There just seems to be aa issue with the rubber portion of the check valves. I hope they can figure it out because it’s a great way to keep the original housing with new internals.
  6. That is the check valve from the GMB that I cannibalized, made it about 20 miles. I tried to reseat the rubber but it kept flipping back up. It gives me concern about the quality of the main rubber Diaphragm.
  7. Here lies the culprit in my recent swap. Either the return spring is faulty or the rubber diaphragm in the check valve is faulty. I reinstalled the originals and she ran like a top
  8. Following, I’m new to this game so excuse me if I sound uneducated. I cannibalized a GMB pump for the diaphragm and check valves to install on my Kyosan Denki as a preventative maintenance measure. Drove about 25 miles with no issues on the test drive yesterday. Cranked the car today, fired right up, ran about one minute and died. Tried to start it a few more times to no avail, took the outlet line loose and no fuel came out while cranking. Was running late for a tee time so that’s as far as I got. I will say the GMB parts did not feel of the same quality as the originals I pulled out. Thankfully I saved them and will be reinstalling them tomorrow.
  9. Thanks for the prompt responses! @siteunseen, that looks like a different set up than the “dog leg” shifter that’s in my car. The pin in mine is smaller and doesn’t seem to have enough room for bushings at all. Thinking I’ve got an older transmission but I am new to this scene and have a lot to learn. @zKars as it turns out my shifter boot is in really good condition, it is just like the one in the pics you sent. Does the bushing in the top pic belong on the bottom of the shifter? Mine has a hard plastic bushing just above the lock nut. My nomenclature is terrible, I’ll get the manual so I can better describe what I’m talking about. I took it all apart to install the parts , got disappointed when NOTHING matched and put it back together so I can’t get any better pics at the moment.
  10. I recently purchased a 240 10/70 build date. I wanted to replace the shifter bushings and boots. Ordered parts prior to opening it up, (mistake I know). What I found is that nothing I ordered fits... I’m a newby but looking for advice on where to order the correct parts and how to search for them. Thanks
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