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Carpet Fix

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There are 2 main approaches to the carpet. One is the factory pattern carpets.The other is more of a custom setup that usually covers the transmission tunnel and sometimes the rear strut towers.

I am of course assuming "restore"means replacing. If not you could redye the carpet you have and respray vinyl to get good color.

There was an older thread on the original supplier of the carpet kits


If you do a custom kit they sometimes need massaging with heat to get them to fit properly


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On 1/16/2018 at 2:01 PM, trevorgrubb said:


What is the best way to restore the carpet and padding in a 240z? Are there kits out there that work well, or should I just cut everything myself? Is there sound deadening material I should use?


Cutting carpet to fit the Z, unless you do it for a living, probably won't give you the results you seek.  Preformed carpet sets are available for floor and rear deck at a reasonable price from several sources like:


You can add sound deadening or heat insulating material under the carpet.  Again, many ways to go with costs that vary.  However, not a big expense for something functional that dresses up the Z interior.




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1 hour ago, Abywat said:

Alsooo... you can always call a carpet restore company 😄

Would they need my car or just the carpets? What about shipping? I have ACC 30 minutes from me so I'm a little prejudiced. LOL


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I was surprised when I found carpets for the ZX on Rockauto. They look pretty decent and have a couple of options to chose from. No idea on quality.

I didn’t look for earlier Zs but would assume they do since they have them for the less loved ZX’s.

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