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ZCON 2022


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Dang it. I posted this first in the 510 Open Discussions.

The rumor mill was right. ZCON 2022 will be in September in Birmingham, AL.

I hope I'll be paying more attention when I'm prepping my Z than I did in selecting the forum...

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I second Cliff’s place as the official CZCC ZCON 2022 base camp. Cliff you can give the CZCC Tech Tips Lectures. We’ll bring the beer and food if you do the cooking? [emoji1787]

Looks like I got over a year now to get my car road worth of a trip like that.

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8 minutes ago, siteunseen said:

If they do track day at Barber's Motor Sports you all are in for a treat. That's a great road course built in the middle of Augusta Golf Club, without those pesky 18 little holes. It's beatiful!

They are trying for Barber. Talledega Grand Prix is the backup plan. I can tell you that getting the track commitment is one of the most difficult parts of organizing the event. The next most difficult is finding an appropriate locations for the car shows. For instance, for 2018, we approached Chateau Elan for the judged car show (and convention hotel), and they basically said, "Oh Hell F'n NO!" Fortunately for us, Z1 Motorsports had relationships with Road Atlanta and the venue for the People's Choice shows.

Anyway, I hope to see a lot of you guys in B'ham.

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September or even better October are really good down here. No humidity no hot temps. The time falls back at the end of October so let's hope it's before then.

I wear shorts until Halloween and maybe even closer to Thanksgiving. 

Southern hospitality is gonna be great! I know the hotels that rent by the hour. LOL

Great food just like Memphis and Atlanta.

Wayne you know you can stay at the liquidanb.

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