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  1. They worked great! Sorry about the nasty barf taste in some of your mouths, babies seem to do that often. Anyways, they were simple to install in fiberglass hood using dremel tool. Probably little more patients cutting in metal but do able. They let the heat out good with the electric fan on even sitting in the pits. They dropped the air pressure way down at 120MPH. And I like the looks too. Not so sure some people would like cutting up a hood, or adding aftermarket parts on vintage cars, but I worked great for us. Cheers.
  2. Chino 240Z

    Entering the track.

    Getting ready to go out onto the track.
  3. Getting ready to go out onto the track.
  4. Marty, you can always throw that yellow color on the track car too! I had issues with putting the 5 speed throw out collar on a 240 flywheel & clutch set up. Thought I could get away with it, but had to correct it after a couple good hard gear grinds at the track.
  5. I use a 2-port Tender to charge 2 Optima batteries, one for the Z and one for the trailer. I just plug them in for maybe a couple days, once a month till the signal light says fully charged then put the charger back on the shelf. The Tender and 2 batteries purchased in 2002. Never had any problems.... knock on wood!
  6. Something different, 17" panoramic mirror. I use the roll bar mount version, but looks like the basic version can attach to an existing mirror. http://www.ioportracing.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=MIR-R17-M&Category_Code=IOPP
  7. Thanks EScanlon. "But everyone wants to make their car their "own" and whether it's fuzzy dice off your mirror, or speaker enclosures in the rear of the car, or LED tail-lights, SOME people will find those mods distasteful and others will find them pleasing." or original paint, or aftermarket shift handles, or cut up race cars, some even like their own spit up! It's just all messed up when this is what we see through our eyes.
  8. Depending on the Track Clubs & Organizations, your car may be required to go through a vehicle inspection and if the inspector or track worker doesn't think something looks safe, or well constructed you might need to remove it before entering the track. The weight of small objects become great from the extreme forces found on track. I would think that most all tracks make sure you remove any loose items like garage door openers, floor mats, music CDs, phones, cups, papers, sun glasses... or what ever might be found inside your car. One thing for sure is you wouldn't want a flying project
  9. Chino 240Z


    OTR Track Event @ WSIR
  10. When you think it's fuel, it's electrical.... when you think it's electrical it's fuel, but I believe it was a good road of learning. I was glad to see that last post!
  11. Couple years ago I was chasing an ignition/fuel bug on the dyno. After upgrading and replacing just about every ignition component, MSD box, Plugs, Wires, Coil, Pertronix, wiring and grounding it turned out to be fuel pressure issue. But after installing the KV85 wires I felt the car sounded, felt and ran a touch better on the dyno. The wires seemed little stronger, but they are little bigger. The boots perhaps are little better made, and can take extreme heat. I'm like you and don't want to make the ends up. Use to always make them up but the factory can do a better job than I could, ge
  12. Taylors were good for many years and I liked them, but once I found Magnecor KV85 Competition 8.5 Ignition Cables.... I'll never use anything else on any of my cars. http://www.magnecor.com/magnecor1/kv85r100.htm .
  13. Hello DRebello. I sent in an email couple weeks ago (Mar 20th) regarding a request for quote on some head and cam work. It was and email with probably too much info and pictures! Saw your note, thought I'd ask. Regards Craig
  14. Hi Bruce, Haven't been there in years. But I hear it has become a really big event! I believe it is still an event that they line up at the gates 3:00am to get good display parking or set up a booth. Looks like the next event is March 8th 2009 http://www.pomonaswapmeet.com/future_events.php Check them out at www.pomonaswapmeet.com Good luck. Craig
  15. Four years here too and look perfect. They will work great for you. Just inspected them for sharp bends, broken wire braids as you normally would when you service your brakes. Also like the seat harness vs. lap belts on some previous mentioned threads.... they also are not DOT approved "For Off Road Use Only". Liability issues. Many upgrades I would feel safer using over stock but the manufactures haven't done the DOT approval testing and may never.
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