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  1. Ok..thanks for clarifying that. I do see what you mean. I just guess that interpreting wiring diagrams is not one of my strengths. Lots of good info you (and others) have posted in this thread.
  2. So White is right side speaker out and Black/Red is left side speaker out. Thats interesting. And it would make sense I guess that each speaker would need its own wire driving it for a stereo system. However, that setup doesn't match the FSM wiring diagram description. The 78 FSM wiring diagram shows both speakers being driven by the Black/Red bullet connector wire. In fact, it doesn't even show the White wire. I'm guessing this is another example of a diagram not being updated to reflect system upgrades from the original configuration.
  3. Thanks for that...I see your point....at least now, with the photos I posted in this thread, forum members can clearly see the wire scheme/colors on the two connectors on the radio-side of the sub harness (I've also heard it referred to as a radio pigtail harness). Too bad I still couldn't figure out what the function of each of these colored wires is...
  4. Thanks for the compliment...I also saw that same schematic in my FSM....but I was somewhat confused since the schematic didn't exactly match the actual configuration in my car...and I know my car hasn't been altered from original...so I thought it would just be more useful if I posted what was in the car. Specifically, notice how that schematic shows the connections at the radio as a 6 + 2 plugin vs. the 5 + 3 config. in my car. I'm not sure why the difference....maybe the clarion radio setup was different? Anyway, hope all this helps...good luck!!
  5. And just so there's no confusion over which radio connections we're discussing here....here's a pic of the front side of the radio...Hitachi KMS-2411Z
  6. And here's the car-side connections of the radio sub harness. According to my FSM the speakers are the wires that are Black & Black w/ Red stripe....although I haven't tried to confirm this in my car
  7. Here's a photo that shows specifically which color wires connect to each of the "spades" in the back of the radio. Note that on the 6 pin connector that the lower right position is unused...at least in the hitachi radio in the 78 year model Z. So there are 8 wires that connect into the radio. The other end of the "sub harness" has the wires grouped together differently...I'll post a photo of that end of the sub harness below...
  8. The 3 pin molex is not for the power antenna...the power antenna is a completely separate connection that extends directly from the power antenna switch (mounted to the right side of the radio in the 78 year model) to the main console/dash harness. However, that separate antenna molex connector is very similar (if not exact) to the 3 pin molex connector that plugs directly into the back of the radio.
  9. Thats a photo of the complete "sub harness" that connects the radio to the main console harness
  10. Also, as you can see from the photos, the 6 pin connector only uses 5 of the 6 wire positions
  11. These photos show which color wires from the sub harness I mentioned above connect into the 3 and 6 pin connections in the back of the radio....is this what you need?
  12. yes....it's a Hitachi KMS-2411z (make and model number)...still looking for the photos that might help you
  13. My 78Z has the original radio and doesn't use the 5 pin DIN connection. It does use both the 3 and 6 pin "molex" connections. My radio model is a KMS-2411Z. The original set up uses a "sub harness" that connects the radio to the main console harness. These sub harnesses can be hard to find since many owners simply discarded them when they installed aftermarket sound systems. Give me a little while and I think i can come of with a few photos of the set up showing the wiring scheme.
  14. One day later.... So I spent the afternoon trying to figure out this problem. After checking all the basic connections, I finally decided to start disassembling the components to check them out individually. The first component to come out was the brake master cylinder. Upon disconnecting the two brake lines from the bottom of the master cylinder, I immediately noticed that the brake lines were blocked/plugged up with the remnants of paper towel. Apparently, in my haste to reassemble everything I forgot to remove all of the paper towel pieces that I had used to plug up the lines/ports while everything was apart. After a few hours of blowing out lines with compressed air and taking apart the master cylinder I'm pretty sure that I've now successfully removed all the offending material. I feel like Homer Simpson....DOH!!!! A self imposed headache for sure. My wife said that I shouldn't confess to this mistake on the forum...but I felt obligated to disclose what the solution was to the problem that I originally posted...maybe it will help someone else out sometime down the line... I'm feeling confident that tomorrow the brake bleeding job will go much easier!
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