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  1. I have to refer back to the install instructions to answer your questions. It has been installed for over a year. I did exactly what the instructions called for . This version of the crane is specific to the 260z. I remember I had to put this disc shaped thing in the dizzy and disconnect the original ignition module located by the fuse box. The tach works but intermittently either drops then regains or bounces. I was told this is from the tach technology not matching up perfectly with the crane. Tomorrow I will look for the install instructions so I can answer your questions- not trying to ignore them just don't have the answers without the instructions. The main purpose of this however is to determine if the crane is any better then stock. If I kept the crane coil and put everything back the way it was, the stuff from the dizzy and the original ignition module would the car perform any differently then it does now.
  2. The tach bounces because of the crane. I think in the instructions it mentions something about that. It was rock solid with the original. I did switch out the dizzy parts for what was included with the crane.Do you guys feel it increased your cars performance over stock. Because if it really does nothing but is rather a same / same replacement for stock then I will just go back to stock....thoughts, comments
  3. Thanks everyone for the help . Great to get advice from fellow Z owners
  4. I installed the XR 70O purchased from motorsports with the thought it would increase my cars performance. I have a late year 260z with dome carbs. I really don't know if it does anything other then make my tach run a little screwy. What are your thoughts who has this setup and is it an improvement over the stock set up. Should I keep it or take it out and have a more steady tach? your thoughts
  5. So when I marked the timing wheel etc. I used the chop stick brought the piston to the top of the stroke and then turned it a bit more till it started to drop them marked it between the two. Soooooooo I should be at a good TDC at this point from what I am reading ....right?
  6. So it is in the middle of when it first reaches the top of the stroke and when it begins to fall again
  7. My question...is top dead center right when the piston reaches the top of its stroke or the slight turn of the crank that you can do before it begins to drop. I use a chop stick and hand turn the crank the piston reaches the top of its stroke but then remains there for the slightest turn of the crank before it begins to drop. So where is TDC
  8. Thanks- the car is set for paint. The rubber will be replaced directly after so I may have to deal with the smell until late spring 2018.
  9. Well I will start there. Does your Z have the carbon canister system hooked up
  10. what did you do to fix it replace all seals in aforementioned areas
  11. Would the carbon canister be the issue. Does anyone have theirs hooked up or do we all run without it
  12. Thanks everyone- I tried the water bottle on the fuel bungs no fuel came out into the bottles. I do not know if the fuel smell is coming from the passenger side fuel recovery area . I need to take that apart and look for bad hoses. I am thinking it is not as I did check this a year or so back. I do not think it is exhaust as my exhaust pipe muffler is in good condition - how else would the exhaust be getting into the cabin. Please advise Thanks
  13. Here is the issue. I have a 260z that has headers and many of the original pollution control items have been removed. The carbs have been rebuilt by Z therapy - I have tuned them according to the video. The car is not running rich to the best of my knowledge. There is no air pump, with headers there is no exhaust gas tube, therefore no exhaust gases through the balance tube, the control valve is not hooked up. No water through the balance tube. The carbon canister purge valve has a crack in the lid, but otherwise seems to be intact. The car runs fine but after a strong acceleration the car wreaks of gas. Sometimes in the past to the point of eye stinging. What do I need to do to fix this. I have attached some photos to show areas missing their potential pollution control attachments. Thanks Z dude67
  14. I recently installed the Crane xr3000 and used the 14 gauge wire - per the Crane instructions. However my tach is not steady and it will drop sometimes between shifts. It just generally works poorly. I have heard of a fix for this - anyone know what it is.
  15. Could someone tell me the wiring color to color on the combo switch from the switch to the dash 9 pin connector. I had my switch redone and my 9 pin on the dash side was melted I had to put the wires into a new connector on the dash side and I am not sure if I got if right.