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  1. while watching the nbc nightly news tonite, I noticed there was a red 280z under a pile of ruble. I hope iveryone is safe that's the main concern. first thing I thought was it a member's and is he ok.
  2. what's the difference between an irish wedding and an irish funeral? one less drunk...... drive safe.
  3. 1000 posts doesn't make one a mechanic. I can change tires, oil and fillet a fish.
  4. I don't know much about struts but don't u need a compressor tool to compress the springs?
  5. the reason I ask about the quick struts is my mechanic said he needed special tools and it wasn't an easy job. with quick struts I figure I could save on hourly rate.
  6. i'm going to need new struts soon. I've heard about Monroe quick struts. any feedback and do they make them for a 240. my machanic says the back ones need replacement, should I do all four while i'm at it. thankyou very much.
  7. zhead240


    got a new used Honda civic coupe Thursday. it's a 2011 with 74 thousand kilometers. cost out of pocket was $ 1400 and he thru in a set of snows and rims ( three seasons on them) and a full tank of gas. basicly same car but without the leather seats. I think I got a good deal, move up 2 years and gain 80 thousand kilometers ps got $ 8150 from the insurance company
  8. zhead240


    ominous weather coming to florida. according to the news it's a big one. hope all our fellow zed members stay safe. I know life is most important but take precaution for your zeds.
  9. zhead240


    was rear ended last month. after fighting with insurance company finally got settlement. 2009 Honda written off. I can move up 6 years to another Honda but it's a salvage. this is all they do is go to auctions and fix them up. the ownership has rebuilt on it but same designation as salvage to me. damage was front end, basicly front clip, one fender, hood, rad and rad support. has lazer spect to within 3 mills. i'm apprehensive about a rebuilt. would like to get oppinions on weather to buy or stay away. right now i'm on the fence. it's a great lookin car. ( civic ex coupe) tia
  10. replaced head lamp driver side. it was shattered. don't know how it happened. ok when I washed and waxed car last month, then a few days ago while taken bug sponge to the frontend noticed sealbeam out. last year before I went to zcon 2916 I replaced same headlamp that was burnt out. I did that job with the wheel on, made the job difficult. this time I took wheel off, ten times easier.
  11. Can someone post pic how to hang shoulder belt. this is how i do it but it doesn't seem right.
  12. everyone who works pays into Canadian pension plan ( CPP)which you can collect at age 65, but you can apply anytime before at age 60 and take less money the earlier you receive it. old age pension starts at 65 and everyone gets this. you have to pay taxes on these incomes even though you can't live on it. where i'm from few companies have pension plans, only public and government workers get it.
  13. after 35 years on the high seas I retired on Wednesday. fished lake erie and lake huron ( commercial gill nets) mostly for perch walleye whitefish and lake trout. tough hard job. no pension, only a hardy hand shake and a fine farewell. fortunately me and the wife lived modestly within our means. the zed and 68 mustang ( which she recently sold) were the only extravagant purchase for us and that was late in life. after getting up at 3 oclock every morning now I can toss the alarm. lots of time to cruise and golf.
  14. planning on entering the zcca judged car show in the s30 stock. will I be deducted points if I don't have my original spare tire and tool bag?
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