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Fire Extinguishers


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Just wondering if anyone has found a fire extinguisher they like, which will actually extinguish a fire, and is easy to mount for 240Z cars? Also, where do most of you mount yours? Have decided it's time to add one after reading about another Z which succumbed to an engine fire. Thanks, Andy

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I just purchased two First Alert Auto Fire Extinguishers found on Amazon: First Alert Auto Fire Extinguisher - Amazon.com

4 1/2 Stars through 37 reviews, compact, and has a bracket to mount to.


I received them yesterday and they are great build quality. I place it conveniently in a side pocket in the 911 and behind the passenger chair on the Z car.

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Speaking as a retired firefighter, be very careful with the mounting brackets. Most household brackets are not designed for cars and will become a dangerous missile in an accident. I have a 2 1/2# ABC extinguisher by Kidde that is 13 3/4" long and fits in the storage locker behind the pasenger. It is not that easy to get to, but in a wreck or roll-over it won't come loose and become a dangerous flying object either. And guys, take your dry powder extinguishers out once a year and shake them up to prevent the powder from caking and being a big disappointment when you squeeze the trigger. Also check the pressure gauge at the same time. It's easy to ignore the extinguisher until you need it. CO2 extinguishers would be less messy, but are hard to find in a small enough package, and they displace O2 so setting them off inside the car could be problematical.

Cheers, Mike

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There are NHRA and I believe SCCA approved Fire Extinguisher Mounts for use in the car. Some have two straps to hold the extinguisher in place. You can usually get them from most Racing Supply businesses. It is a good idea... they can run $15.00 to $60.00..

In a car you want an easy method to "arm" the extinguisher - once you get it out of the bracket - you will want a large Pull Ring, that you can grab and pull OUT - for example to enable the trigger to be depressed.

Secondly - most automotive fires in accidents are Fuel related. Electrical fires usually burn the wiring, and may ignite a paint fire, but it is the gasoline that is of most immediate concern.... So a good "B&C" rated extinguisher will handle most auto fires, and one filled with Baking Soda will do the least harm to other automotive components. With some ABC types - the damage done by the chemicals in the extinguisher can be worse than the damage done to the car by the fire.

There are lots of really cheaply made "consumer" Fire Extinguishers on the market. Stick with the older or better known brands - and be willing to pay a few extra dollars for Quality. A good 2.5 lb extinguisher will cost around $40.00 to $60.00 {chrome maybe $70.00 to $90.00}

Look for U.S. Coast Guard approval - these extinguishers are tested by UL for the Coast Guard to meet certain standards.. It is just one "check" for quality products.

Third - find a local company that sells Fire Suppression Supplies - to your local Fire Departments. Then go pick an extinguisher up. Shipping some higher pressure extinguishers can get expensive. Secondly - you may need to have a good extinguisher - refilled, and in that case a local supplier is easier to deal with.


Carl B.

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That little thing doesn't look all that bad, though I prefer fire extinguishers which don't use any powder at all. FireAide has one, but it is small- the kind you'd use for a cooking fire. Tundra is another, but isn't UL approved (which some event promoters require.)

Most automotive fire extinguishers currently available use a powder agent, which I really don't care to use in or on a car or inside the car with passengers onboard.

Also, if a fire extinguisher is required, such as for a car show, some just recommend a working unit, others specify a working 5 B:C unit. This one looks fine, but in an emergency "just enough" usually isn't, so a 5A, 10 B:C is better.

The best fire extinguisher I've seen for automotive use is the new Halotron one. It's a liquid, biodegradable, UL approved and all the rest, and it won't hurt your vehicle's interior. The only problem with Halotron fire extinguisher is that it's expensive; a 2LB one costs over $100. In that case, you'd need to ask yourself what matters; just putting out a fire or putting out a fire and saving all you can of your vehicle.

I agree with what Pop'sZ says about the mounts you get. They are fine for household use,where you store it in a cabinet or closet, but in a car, it gets bumped and vibrated a lot, so you want something that you know will avoid the headache of replacement or some embarrassment if it falls off at the wrong time. Look at what aircraft use for a fire extinguisher mount, and you will see one that does stay in place. Most quality fire extinguisher have a mount available, so you can buy one made just for your unit.

Also, I'd rather not put anything under the driver's seat. if you can slide it in, it could certainly slide right out and under your feet or behind the control pedals.

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"Also, I'd rather not put anything under the driver's seat. if you can slide it in, it could certainly slide right out and under your feet or behind the control pedals. "

Your point is well taken. BUT, such an event is physically impossible in a S30 (1/71) due to the height of the front seat mount cross member and the bilateral seat rails....The extinguisher is nicely 'boxed in' and the only actual way to remove it by first moving the seat forward.



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