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Duffy's 1/71 Series 1 240z build


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Hello all, 


I am going to document my build.  Basically I have a garage kept series 1 240z.  That hasn't driven since 1986, it needed brakes which she couldn't afford so it has sat since.  It was resprayed in the 80s as well.  Some bad overspray but overall it's a very rust free car.  I actually found it in my neighbors garage.  My goal is to drive it and enjoy it, but it needs some TLC.  First and foremost I got it running, and that is when I made the decision to keep it and I have fallen in love.  


I will keep it mostly original, minus some brakes upgrades, wheels and BC coilovers.  Maybe someday have a built motor for it, but not for now.  Everything I take off will be either professionally painted, re - zinc coated or powder coated when it goes back  on.  I am going to try and stay away from painting it.  Everything I do will be reversible and I am keeping all parts I pull off/ upgrade.  


First thing I did was get it cleaned.  Which took a long long time.  


I started this on Hybriz but I don't think it's the correct build for their site.  So I am going to move it over here.  I am new to Z's but have been building cars since high school.  This is my 2nd major build.  















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I got it running.  I wish I could post the video, it runs so nice.  


I cleaned the fuel system then I got her to start.  Wow am I happy.  Also spent some time detailing out the motor.  The gas tank is very very gross, it's off to get hot tanked and acid cleaned.  Then powder coated then red coat.  




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Choke cable was stuck which made it hard to start.  I greased the cable and  I also tig welded the choke handle back together.  I also have the electronic and all lighting to work.  Took the cig port fully apart and detailed it and powder coated its bracket.  Happy it all works now.  








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I have decided to tackle the front suspension/ steering work next.  This mean all bolts, nuts, washer etc.. off to zinc and powder coating everything I can or stripping and 2 part painting stuff like the steering shaft and steering rack.  It was a greasy gross mess, but it should look beautiful when done.  


Looks like someone slotted my cross-member (no clue what it's actually called).  Luckily someone local had a series one for parts and that person made me a good deal on it.  









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Next my focus was on the rear.  Same thoughts, pull apart, paint- powder and zinc.  Rear end was slightly harder to take apart.  But less grease!  


I am also going to replace all u - joints and wheel bearings while its all apart.  Also poly bushings throughout.  Still waiting on a local shop to press all the bearings out.  






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While I am waiting on zinc and bearings, I decided to work on the door gaskets and finish the interior.  I have (plus my wonderful girlfriend) about 10+ hours in adhesive removal/ detailing on the inside.  But very happy with everything but the carpet fitment.  Also the new door gaskets suck.  I ended up baking them for 3 hours on warm in my oven, they seem to be getting better day by day.  


I ended up stripping paint off the outer sills (overspray), then I had to get new inner door sills, I had them wrinkle powder coated to sort of match the vinyl wrapped that comes stock on my year.  I am so happy with the level of rust on this z.  I also got a new shift boot.  I pulled the seats and the side hinges are powder coated now.  Which is always scary since the powder doesn't always work on moving parts, but a little lubrication and they work like butter.  I have new foam and skins waiting for the seats, hopefully have them back in by next week.  












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Here is a little more info on the z.  


My neighbor bought it in 1981 from the original owner who loved it.  I guess he drove it all the time.  She drove it in the summers between 81 and 86.  Then it needed brakes which she couldn't afford so she parked it.  She got it to start in 1991 is the story.  That was the last time it started till I got it running.  The engine runs amazing.  It's a little cold blooded but that is about it.  


It's really a time capsule.  Other then some surface rust in a few places.  All wiring looks brand new and untouched.  Pretty crazy. 


The story of how  I found out about it is interesting.  When I brought my 1977 bronco (restomod/ frame off)  home for the first time in 1 year from the body shop.  She stuck her head over the fence and asked if it was a bronco, she then proceeded to talk to me about the bronco she owned with her husband, who sadly died in a car accident in that classic bronco.  She asked if I liked classic cars and I responded yes.  She said if I knew of anyone that would want an old 240z.  I then told her how it's been my favorite car since around high school and that I have been looking for one for years.  She asked if I wanted to see it and look at it, so with my newly painted bronco still on the trailer, I walked over to her garage.  And under a car cover was this z.  Just sitting there.  In all it's glory.  I told her that the time wasn't right for me (the bronco was way way way over budget and I was broke) but when the time was right I would talk to her.  About a year passed, then I decided it was time.  I offered her a fair price, and I dragged it home with one drum locked up! I actually bought it to flip it and I just fell in love with it.  So that is the basic story.  I do have a deal with her, if I sell it in 2 years I will give her 25% of the profit.  Basically costs to repair, my time, purchase price minus the selling price. 

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I made my first mistake on the z.  I didn't have a drain installed, so when I went to do my final acetone rinse before redkote on my tank.  I couldn't get it out and it messed up my pretty powder coating:(  


So I am stripping the powder, welding on a drain to the top corner then re - coating it, then redkote without acetone rinse.  




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Wheels showed up.  Rota RKR, 15x8 with 0 offset.  Going 205/55 R15 on the tires.  I picked magnesium black, which is sort of a dark gun metal grey.  I think it will pop off the safari gold well!


I also got my calipers back from powder. If anyone is interested in having calipers rebuilt and picking powdercoat colors.  Here is who did mine.  phoenixbrakeco@gmail.com http://www.phoenixcaliper.com/


Going with 4 piston toyota fronts and maxima rears with zinc rotors from silvermine.  






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2nd major issue, well, not really my fault.  Painter didn't listen and didn't tape off the brake booster. So he got copper slad in it.  I then tried to clean the slad and dropped the rubber stopper inside the bowl, which is basically impossible to get out.  I then put duct tape on my finger to try and get it out, the duct tape fell off.  Then I tried to take it apart and now I have given up.   A fellow member suggested http://boosterdeweyexchange.com/ I called them and them and they don't list it, but they know datsun stuff well. The owner actually owns a 240z.  I should have it back next week, rebuilt and painted.  I am going with a upraded 15/16 master cylinder to help with the rear disk brakes and also it's a bigger. 




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