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  1. I did not remove the grease seal yet. Was hoping they would come out together, but as I thought about it the last couple of days, was wondering if maybe that wasn't the hold up. Will get the seal out of there and see what happens. As for drift placement, yes, I was very careful to place it on the race and not the stop. Was actually keeping it in one of the two notches as shown in the manual. Thanks Jeff!
  2. Sorry, I should have provided more detail. The car is totally disassembled at this point. I am now taking all of the suspension components apart to rebuild/refresh. The stub axle came right out with a couple of good whacks with a hammer (with a piece of steel on top taking the direct blows of course). Outer bearings went out with the stub axle, but the inner bearings just don't want to move.
  3. I am just past this point in the disassembly of my rear suspension. Kind of in the same boat as the OP, don't want to just start hammering away on parts and end up breaking something. I cannot get the inner bearings to budge. Tried the drift pin method in the restoration book, no luck whatsover. Any suggestions? First time Datsun tearer-aparter here. TIA.
  4. I missed those older races. Have been attending the SOVREN races for the last 9 years or so. Always fun to watch. I remember that old system for assigning license plates by county. Sure made it easy to tell where a car came from. I bought my '72 in Wenatchee, but if my memory serves, he purchased from the original owner in the Puget Sound area.
  5. Love the wagon! Also, I am living proof of that old adage you referenced. A 1960 Chevrolet Impala convertible from what I am told.
  6. Poor littlle fella, probably kept up with you for a mile or so.......
  7. In high school one of my good friends had an Oldsmobile VistaCruiser with a big block (455?) in it. That thing was a tank, but lots of top end if you had room to run. Remember burying the speedometer needle more than once with 5 or 6 (or 8 or 9?) of us punks in it. It is a wonder we all survived some of the stupid things we did back then.
  8. Nice car! It has cleaned up well. Love the race car too. Have you ever raced in in Spokane? Seems like I saw it at least once at Festival of Speed. In the FWIW department, this car is the closest production number to mine that I have come across. Mine is 57009, built 12/1971.
  9. If I might be allowed to tag along, I am looking for a set for a 1972.....
  10. Apparently if you double them up they are safer ......
  11. Nice! My dad had one of those when I was in high school. Got to ride it some, what a blast, that thing was a freaking rocket. Begged him to sell it to me when he decided to get rid of it. He wouldn't hear of it. He probably saved my life!
  12. Beautiful country, highly recommend going if you can! I live in eastern Washington and get over to that part of Montana occasionally and always love the time spent there.
  13. Welcome and congratulations! First off - sorry about your friend. Loved the back story here, and your long association with him and his car. If you should decide to have it shipped, you night want to check out Reliable Carriers. I have used them in the past with great luck. Their drivers are top notch, everything about the car is documented before it ever gets loaded on the truck, and then checked again when it is unloaded to verify no change in condition. Their checklist is quite thorough. I know other folks who have had great experiences with them as well. If one of their drivers d
  14. Congratulations on getting married! I know the "favorite drive" that you mentioned above. Fun road! Look forward to hitting it in my Z one of these days! Thanks for sharing the process and info on the brake upgrade. I am also working my way through your build thread. Really enjoy your posts.
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