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  1. Beautiful country, highly recommend going if you can! I live in eastern Washington and get over to that part of Montana occasionally and always love the time spent there.
  2. Welcome and congratulations! First off - sorry about your friend. Loved the back story here, and your long association with him and his car. If you should decide to have it shipped, you night want to check out Reliable Carriers. I have used them in the past with great luck. Their drivers are top notch, everything about the car is documented before it ever gets loaded on the truck, and then checked again when it is unloaded to verify no change in condition. Their checklist is quite thorough. I know other folks who have had great experiences with them as well. If one of their drivers delivered a car with an extra 480 miles on it they would not be employed there for long.
  3. Congratulations on getting married! I know the "favorite drive" that you mentioned above. Fun road! Look forward to hitting it in my Z one of these days! Thanks for sharing the process and info on the brake upgrade. I am also working my way through your build thread. Really enjoy your posts.
  4. Wow. Had not seen this thread in a while. Amazing work!
  5. Hi Jon, welcome to the forum from a fellow eastern Washingtonian! My wife is from Cashmere and has a lot of family there so we are over that way fairly often. Headed there next weekend in fact. Bought my 240 from a gentleman in Wenatchee. This forum is amazing. You have come to the right place. I too am new to the z thing, although I have been a fan of them since I was a teenager, thanks to my grandfather who owned one. I check in here regularly, reading up on various topics. Trying to absorb as much knowledge as I can in anticipation of tearing into my car (hopefully a little later this year). So much information here, and people are so helpful. It is a very special corner of the interwebs. Love your car and its story too. Best of luck in getting it back on the road. Will be following your progress with interest. Scott
  6. "..... so, what did you do today? Oh, nothing much ... ran a few laps around the Nurburgring with a few pals ......" Amazing video, thanks for sharing it!
  7. Just came across this one a couple of months ago. This was my grandfather's car, the one that gave me the bug. He bought it when he moved to southern California in the late 70s. He would let me drive it when I went down there to visit, would even give me tips on the best roads to hit up in the hills for the most fun. He would always tell me "don't be afraid to open it up, but just make sure you have it pointed in a direction where you have someplace to go".
  8. My dad had a 1979 KZ900. That bike was stupid fast in its day. Broke my heart when he sold it. Begged him to sell it to me, but nothing doin'. He probably saved my life seeing as how I was only 18 or 19 at the time .....
  9. What a great video. They succeeded in capturing the very essence of why I own a Z.
  10. What the heck did I just watch???
  11. That is a beautiful exhaust system! I have been looking at that one as well, very curious to hear what it sounds like.
  12. Guess I will jump in here too. As with The Tool Man, I am new to the z car, so trying to learn what I can here before tearing into the work that my car needs. I installed weld-in subframe connectors on a '69 Camaro convertible. It was by far the best improvement I made to the car. Wrestled for a long while about cutting/welding in something so permanent, but eventually drivability won out for me. Once installed it was like driving a completely different car! I did not realize just how much flex that car had until the connectors were put in. Combined with some suspension tweaks and PU bushings, cornering and handling improved a ton. That thing drove like it was on rails. The subframe connectors I used (and I assume The Tool Man also) were tube steel (1" x 3" if memory serves) members that were welded into grooves cut into the floor pan. They ran from the rear of the front subframe to the front mounting points of the rear one, and were also welded to each of these. If there is something like this available for the 240z, I will be all over it. Have not found anything yet.
  13. I live in Spokane, you couldn't pay me to go into that neighborhood.
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