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  1. Thank you for the information. I followed the FSM and used the recommended jack points. I will put a support under the front cross-member to be safe. I am hoping to get to the front also and went ahead and lifted it all the way around. E
  2. Looking for guidance. I have my 1975 280Z up on jack stands.The jack stands are placed per the maintenance manual. I am going to remove the gas tank and the rear suspension. Should I have any issues with the car tipping on its nose due to removing the weight from the back of the car? Thanks! E
  3. Thanks SoCalJim, Those are great leads. I can tell it's going to take quite a bit of looking! I live in Ohio but do have the ability to travel if I find what I want. E
  4. Thanks Zed, sorry for the late reply. I guess solid would mean that I’m not looking for a total project car. Mechanically running and limited rust. I like to work on cars but cannot take on a full rebuild. Really a 240Z or early model 280z. Thanks, E
  5. Hello, I'm new to this club. I am looking to buy a 240/280 Z but not sure really where to start. A friend of mine had a 240Z when I was younger and I really liked it. I'm looking for a car that might need a little work, but solid. Any suggestions on publications or resources would be great. Also from you experienced owners, any input as to the pros and cons of the 240 vs the 280 would be appreciated. Thanks, Ernesto
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