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WTB 1976 z door cards

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They are in very nice condition. I would ask that you measure the distance from the lock button hole to the end of the door card. If they are nearly 9 inches, they are not suitable for a North American 75 280z. The lock button position needs to be at 6”. 

From my research these appear equivalent to the 77-78 280 door cards here. 

The other thing that I observe is the location of the two large holes where the arm rest mount through. 

On the 74.5-76, the holes are lower and slightly back compared the later ones. You can compare them to the embossed lines as well. 


74.5-76 the holes are on top of the pair of horizontal lines, while the later ones;


the holes are above/touch the upper horizontal line and don’t touch the lower one. You can use this to year ID any door cards when you can’t see the location of the lock button in any pictures you might see.


Here are two door cards with a ruler to show the lock button location. 77-78 on top.


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I am really happy to hear that Hung Vu will be producing 75/76 (and presumably 74) door panels. I've never understood why there are aftermarket ones available for 77/78 but not 74-76 - I always ASSume that the hard part is shaping and producing the card itself and that it could be adapted for either (and maybe even for the 70-73), but I guess if it were that easy someone would have done it by now. 

FWIW, several years ago I did manage to find a set of aftermarket panels for my 76. They are not quite right (NONE of the holes are where they should be, and they are actually a little too short front-to-back), but the shape and fabric were way better than my originals. The biggest problem was the hole for the release handle which was about half an inch too far forward. I made a little rectangular trim piece to cover the gap around the handle. Not really happy with the end result, so I'll be keeping an eye open for Hung Vu's offering. 



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