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  1. Thanks for the info I will be on the lookout for the new door cards. Please post again if you get any news on these, Ken
  2. Where did you purchase the Precision kit? Thanks Ken
  3. #22 is on the engine side and #25 is on the converter side
  4. I would be happy to post some measurements of the flexplate . i will do it tomorrow as I am at home and the car is at my shop. I have the big washer towards the engine and the smaller washer like spacer towards the converter. If I flip the flex plate over the teeth rub the block
  5. I pushed the transmission in by hand it bottomed out on the block pretty easy. My new question is how sure are you about the 1/8" gap between converter and flywheel? i would think that they would touch when the converter was bottomed out on the flywheel so as not to bow the flexplate to the converter
  6. I just pulled the transmission again. I pulled the converter from the bell housing and put it directly on the flex plate. there is still a gap of about 1/8" between the converter mounting pads and the flex plate after the converter is bottomed out. That cannot be right . Anyone have any other suggestions? The only thing I can think of is to shim the converter
  7. I appreciate the help, Zed Head the "A" distance on my transmission is 15/16 which is just a little more than the FSM says . I have had the trans out 4 times now and I still have 1/2 ' between the flex plate and the torque converter. The converter bolts are about 5/16 long . The guy who built my transmission said not to pull the converter more than 1/4" forward so longer bolts are not the answer. The only other thing that seem odd to me is when I turn the crank bolt to align the converter and flex plate holes is that they spin together. I had to remove trans line up holes and then replace trans to align holes. there is not a lot of binding though as I could put a lin up tool and move converter after I got it close. Thanks again Ken
  8. I am swapping my manual trans to auto trans in my 1976 280z. I think I have all the parts but I did not pull the auto trans from the donor car so I am not sure of the parts or orientation . My problem is that after installing the trans ,the flex plate and the 2 spacers the torque converter is too far back for the flex plate bolts to reach the torque converter. I put the big spacer to the motor side of the flex plate and the washer looking spacer to the rear side of the flexplate. the flexplate teeth are set back about 1/2" into the bell housing which looks right for starter engagement but the torque converter has a about a 3/4" gap to the flexplate which is too long for the bolts to reach. do I have the spacers in wrong or am I missing something. Thanks in advance for any help Ken
  9. WTB a good set of 1976 Z door cards. I know these are hard to find. Does anyone know if they repop these? Thanks Ken
  10. I am in the process of changing the front bumper on my 280z to the smaller 240z bumper. I bought repop bumpers and the swap brackets from z car depot. I also bought a used front valance and grill for a 240z. The bumpers , brackets and the front valance all fit good. My problem is the 240z grill . The grill will not fit unless I cut the louvers to slide through the bumper brackets as I see it. If someone has a better idea I would love to hear about it. I am in the process of painting my car so cutting and welding would be no problem. Thanks in advance Ken
  11. Looking to swap my 280z from standard to auto looking for a good transmission with all parts to do swap. I have a 5 speed to swap or cash deal is ok. Please let me know if you can help. I live in Mobile al and would like to find something in the southeast. Thanks Ken
  12. What year is the steering wheel and what kind of shape is it in? Thanks Ken
  13. What color ? What options ? How much ? Thanks
  14. Have you tested the turn signal/ headlight switch assembly?
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