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  1. Can someone please tell me the best place to buy a complete ac system for my 1976 280z? I would prefer a vintage air system . I called vintage air and they want me to buy piece by piece and I am not familiar enough with the system to do that. Thanks Ken
  2. Looking for a complete carpet set for my 1976 280z . Was hoping someone has had some recent experience that could help me in my search. Thanks Ken
  3. If you still have the tank could you shoot me your zip code so I can get a shipping quote? thanks Ken
  4. i will take a set with the clips let me know how to pay thanks Ken
  5. Has anyone used the silvermine bolt in camber plates/lowering kit? Thinking about trying them as they are supposed to lower car 1 and1/2 inches without affecting spring travel with a stock suspension. Thanks Ken
  6. If my memory serves me correctly I got the adjuster brackets from summit and welded the flat plate that mounts to the block on to the adjuster brackets. It was not that hard to do but time consuming. I made the bracket several years ago. It looks very close to yours Freez74
  7. I used the same set up on my 280 and it works like a champ
  8. Anybody heard about a production date or a place to inquire?
  9. Thanks for the info I will be on the lookout for the new door cards. Please post again if you get any news on these, Ken
  10. Where did you purchase the Precision kit? Thanks Ken
  11. #22 is on the engine side and #25 is on the converter side
  12. I would be happy to post some measurements of the flexplate . i will do it tomorrow as I am at home and the car is at my shop. I have the big washer towards the engine and the smaller washer like spacer towards the converter. If I flip the flex plate over the teeth rub the block
  13. I pushed the transmission in by hand it bottomed out on the block pretty easy. My new question is how sure are you about the 1/8" gap between converter and flywheel? i would think that they would touch when the converter was bottomed out on the flywheel so as not to bow the flexplate to the converter
  14. I just pulled the transmission again. I pulled the converter from the bell housing and put it directly on the flex plate. there is still a gap of about 1/8" between the converter mounting pads and the flex plate after the converter is bottomed out. That cannot be right . Anyone have any other suggestions? The only thing I can think of is to shim the converter
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