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  1. Obviously your car does not get or needs an MOT.. does canada no check on the state a old car is in before you can put it on the road? Maybe you can put some small cuts in the beam so it will bend there in a crash.. In the way it is now it's much to strong. Oh yeah, Grannyknot, you can laugh about it, but if you, one day, buy a car like this and hit a tree with it.. you will not be laughing anymore... ever... ?
  2. With that big beam in your right hand front.. (what normally is made of less than 1 mm thick steel..) i'll will never be your co driver that's for sure! Never use that kind of tubing in your crash-zone.. i don't no how to say this but you will get crushed inside that car with that kind of structures! leave out that much to strong beam and make one out of 1mm plating! ? Am i the only one that see's this??? Can you get us a pic of the front of that beam? were you can see the thickness of that massiv looking beam?
  3. That could also be the case, Eibach was/is a German brand for as far i know but it's no longer? i'm no user of aftermarket stuff.. (prefer the Original Nissan parts, nothing else.) Original is often more expensive, but in the 18 years that i drive my 240z it only stopt ones.. because there was not enough petrol in it..
  4. We never know what "they" are copying in china or india or.... was it sayd that it are KYB's , does it say so on the bill.. or they sayd it was KYB? Thanks!! (can't find them overhere , computer... thinks it's a miswrite.. (energy) )
  5. I would go back and ask then to take a look at these bended parts! Did they use Original KYB's ? or chinese knock-off's ?? they look very bended! even in the urantha bump stops you can clearly see that the rod is not in the middle.. btw, were did you get those rubber bump-stops? Also.. the orig. KYB's and a lot more aftermarket shock's have much thinner shafts than the Original from nissan ...
  6. Haha.. yeah, you have never been in a kitchen at a chinese restaurant? They never show you the place were they cook your food. (at least not overhere!) I was as a technician at serveral.. Meat in a pile on the floor??? blood was running between the tiles!!!.. i one's had a A4 writing-block with me and entered a kitchen, i could'nt lay it anyware in that kitchen without it getting very dirty! I had to check the electrics and mold was growing right through the electrical systems.. in the MIDDLE OF THE KITCHEN! It was at a take away mostly restaurant. At an other the "chef" was dancing in the kitchen on all sorts of creapy crawlers! They never heard of regulations.. (this was in the 1990's at that time there were hundreds of restaurants in the Netherlands, today, lots are gone.. i ask myself why? ?)
  7. eh... it's POUNDS.. overthere in the UK... so it's even more.. over a 100 grand.. in dollars.
  8. Huh? And where are you going to live then? Nice CAR !! ? EDIT... AHAAH! Buying new home for the wife THE Z-CAR!! AND NEVER SELL IT!!!!
  9. Just unscrew.. leave 'em in and take the housing off. The bolts don't come out. If there is not enough place, maybe your enginemount is defect and the engine is tilted to that side.. there should be enough place to get it out.. can't believe i answer these questions..
  10. Hi, when i see those figures i would take that engine apart completely, think your rings are history... A full revision is inescapable..
  11. Thank you, glad to help, let us know what the outcome is..
  12. Take a test on #2 again, and another on #2 again but now with a plug thight in #3.. if it differs your headgasket leaks between # 2 and #3 ... (or bad rings.. is another..)
  13. If i recall right, there was a warning in the user manual of the 280zx that if you run it dry the tank has to be filled for more than 3/4 ! otherwise the pump will not get the fuel to the injectors.. my two cents..
  14. Most likely the emergency lights switch.. your brake wiring is going through this switch.. (an American car has a 9 (!)pole em.switch where a euro style has only three 3 !!! )
  15. yup.. sidewall is percentage of width. in mm .. And 175/80/14 is the same tire as a 175/R14 When the percentage is 80% thats a standard tyre height and leave the 80 away. Every other percentage is noted in the middle number. 225/50/R16 is a tyre 225 mm width, height is 50% of 225 = 112,5 mm and the tyre is for a 16 inch rim.. (front tyre of a nissan 300zxtt) 225/R16 is Always a 80% height of 225 tyre, and for a 16 inch rim.. (a tyre for example on a Mercedes sprinter..?)
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