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    1973 240Z HLS30168500, Engine 183909, 118K, Rust Free, Crack Free Dash, Elephant Oil Cap, Hidden in Barn 1980-2005, undergoing refurbishing and new 115 Metalic Blue.

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  1. You're in luck. I got a new one with a car and lots of parts back in 05. Put it in the parts bin and forgot about it until your wanted post. I think is it a repo and not OEM, as it does not have as much backing as the one Terrapin Z posted above. However it is new, no glue stains, diamond pattern, and Black. I had no use for it as my car has the beautiful off white interior. :) Bonzi Lon
  2. Sorry Keith, I sold the car back in 2010 and don't have any pics of the seats other than what is posted above. Bonzi Lon
  3. An inverted pendulum is a metronome (sp), if that helps. ? Bonzi Lon
  4. Hello Pmg:   I saw in your post in the Roadster thread that you were interested in one.  Well, i have a 68 that I bought 11 years ago and have been unable to work on it since being injured at work in 09, so it is in the same shape I got it.  It has been in a dry garage all this time.  Here is a post of it when I got it.  It has a few more miles since posting as I drove it around for several months.  Here is the thread about it.  

    If you would like to talk about it on the phone, please call me at 620-491-1131.  Let me know what you think.  Thank you for your time.


    Lonny Bauer  "Bonzi Lon"  Kingman, KS

    1. Pmg


      Hi Lonny, thanks for reaching out regarding the roadster. I've to realize that these can be very fun cars. The one you have has great potential and can see why you picked it up. I am however, in a similar position where time is not something I have a lot of therefore I am looking for a more completed project. Being located in the midwest really is a downer when it comes to finding roadsters. I hope you will have some time in the near future to finish your roadster as she looks quite nice. Thank you again and see you around the forum!



  5. Here us what I think. The posts have a metal barrel clip to hold it in the hole. The emblem on the deck is fully plastic. When I refurbished all my emblems, some of the barrel clips stayed on the post, the other posts broke off. All of the emblems on my car were plastic except the round side quarter emblems. They are made of a 'pot' type metal that a magnet will not stick to. It is also subject to corrosion faster than other metals, the ones on my 73 were very rough and pitted. The steel in the barrel clips will attract a magnet. There is probably rust holding the barrel clips on the posts like they were on mine. Hope this helps. Bonzi Lon
  6. HLS30-00110 with a build date of 12-69 was a blue on blue but I did not put it on the Z register, thought the new owner might want do it. Bonzi Lon
  7. When I refurbished my car replacement lines were 240mm for the rear and 220mm for the fronts. Bonzi Lon
  8. The above b&w photo is another interesting find. I have an arcade card, ( same size as a postcard with no printing on the back) of the very same photo of the above Z. However, at the bottom my has the following printing. "Datsun 240-Z Printed in USA Courtesy of Parker Advertising, Inc., Jason Hailey Photography." Bonzi Lon
  9. On my 73 with a set of 4 screw carbs and the N36 manifold, the little tube is connected to my vacuume advance on the dizzy. Bonzi Lon
  10. Very interesting on that plate. I have a postcard (printed 3-68) showing the new 510 with the very same plate. Bonzi Lon
  11. I sent him a pair of 4 screw carbs that needed rebuilt in May of 2010. A member on this site had said he did good work. It took a couple of weeks to get them back. I was very impressed with the polishing. He uses a 'micro polish', which I know nothing about, but they are sure nice, not quite a 'mirror' finish but close. After installing them a small amount of fine tuning was required. I have hot had to touch them since, with 9k miles on them so far. I would recommend him to anyone that needs carb repair or polishing. He also did some cad plating on some of the related parts. I hope this helps your decision. Bonzi Lon
  12. I got mine from Courtesy, part # 16517-25600, they were about $5 each. Might give them a try. Bonzi Lon
  13. Sorry for the delay in getting to this. I did mine in a product called "Kreem", it took two of them, as these are made for large motorcycle tanks. Like siteunseen said above, a wire to make sure the vents are open and high pressure air to make sure they stay open. A mirror on a stick and lots of light you can see for sure every inch of the interior. I have had no problems of any kind. I did mine in the spring of 06 and did not use it until the refurbishment was done in spring of 08 before it saw fuel. And that is the key to most of the failures that I have read about, not enough curing time. So make sure it is really hard before you add gasoline. Bonzi Lon
  14. With what you are wanting, easiest and cheapest would be 'kitchen enamel'. Nice thick coat it dries super hard, all of the above cleaners will not hurt it, easily wipes off, but it smells terrible putting it on, but you get used to it. If its made for grease in the kitchen, it should work for a few hand prints in the shop. Bonzi Lon
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