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  1. Hey guys. Can anyone local (Maryland?) suggest a good machine shop?? I'm hesitant to just "pick one" out of the Yellow pages. Thanks!
  2. I'm considering buying a 1982 280ZX that is, obviously, going to need some work. It was purchased off ebay in June, the buyer had a fender bender in July and traded the ZX + cash to a guy in N. Virginia for a 280Z that he had. All the replacement parts to fix the fender bender are there.....fender, headlight bucket, bumper trim, etc. The car will also come with 2 new seats and the full carpet kit. Am told it runs well (hence going to SEE the car for myself) but was told that it feels a little squirrelly when driven and that the right CV joint needs to be replaced. I thought that Z's didn't
  3. when i had my 280ZX back in the late '80's i was going to borrow from Van Halen and do OU812IZ. the car didn't survive long enough....
  4. Up for sale is a 1975 280Z for $700 FIRM. It is a complete car but is not running. It has about 169,000. I think the most immediate needs are a clutch and cleaning of the fuel injection system. It does have rust, most likey it could use a new front right fender and a new drivers side door. There is also rust on the rear wheel wells but it has not eaten through. The interior is is fairly good shape. The carpet could use replacing but is servicable except for the rear compartment carpet which was so badly dry rotted is was thrown out. All the glass is entact, all the gauges work, it has a
  5. Thanks guys. I will try greasing but am also going to read the attached thread. I REALLY don't want to have to take the doors apart again but will probably have to in order to realign the windows anyways....
  6. OMG!!! If someone did that to my car....I'd kill 'em. Good luck with the repairs but by God make them pay for all of it! Won't pay to get it painted! That's your baby! It makes me mad just to hear what they did and won't own up to!
  7. I have researched some of the older posts and now know how to fix my drivers door lock BUT when I go to close the door it doesn't "catch". The door handle has never worked properly to open the door and feels almost frozen...no give when you pull on the handle so when you do pull... the door just pops open. I know that when you go to open the door from the inside it does something to that round piece on the inside of the door that is supposed to catch and keep the door closed. I used to be able to position that round piece so that if I didn't want the door to catch it wouldn't...now I can't
  8. gealicpride

    Lost Keys

    I just did that...losy my key! Thank God my finace had a spare that I had made and given to him . What I did find interesting is that the key from my 1979 280ZX, which I parted with when I was 19, will open the rear hatch and start the car but won't unlock the doors. It's actually kinda scary to think that any old Z key will start this car! Hell, the driver side door won't lock anyway so if someone REALLY wants in the car.............
  9. I knew at some point stands would be mentioned. I have ramps but no stands and the ramps don't give me enough clearance. I'm not afraid of my car but don't want to get crushed either trying to loosen that bolt. Then again it's parked facing out so if I get it jackeh high enough I might be able to place the ramps let her down and just shimmy under it from the front. Is there anything on the front of the car...any metal strong enough for me to jack it up?
  10. No life ins but I have REALLY good health ins and a recent tetnus shot :tapemouth . The car won that round too! I'll give it a try, all the other bolts are loosen it's just that one dreaded bolt!
  11. How far back on the car do the frame rails really go??
  12. They are rusted. Not badly rusted but rusted none the less. I just wasn't sure if that was the safest place to try the floor jack.
  13. Where is a good place on the front end of a Z to jack it up? I can't get to the bottom starter bolt from the top so figured if I jacked it up it'd be easier to get to. HELP!!!
  14. Born and raised in Chevy Chase, MD. Have lived in Lanham, Laurel, Glen Burnie, Brooklyn Park and have settled in Gaithersburg, MD. Been here in G-burg for almost 7 years. Got around in Maryland but never left it :classic:
  15. Hello all. 1975 280Z $500. It ran rich and I was trying to figure it out until the clutch went out. The body isn't too bad off. Rust on the quarters and rear wheel wells but it drove sooooo nice. Decided to sell it and am now trying to figure out if I should just keep it fix it. I'm leaning towards keeping it
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