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    I have a 78 280z, 5 speed with AC and the extra bumper rails, and dealer t-tops.

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  1. I like In-N-Out double double with extra pickles, its a classic and always tastes great.
  2. I wonder how one of those sliding ragtops would look on a z since the roof isnt all that big an area, plus it might screw with the lines of the body. definitely a cool option, though. Its a wonder that something like that could be water/airtight. For what its worth, it's definitely cheaper to replace the old weatherstripping around the sunroof.
  3. I don't think we're at this point yet with the S30, but it's nice to know the technology exists! http://www.popularmechanics.com/cars/jay-leno/technology/4320759 *future of replacement parts
  4. http://www.examiner.com/examiner/x-4824-Tampa-Sports-Car-Examiner~y2010m7d5-The-last-Dodge-Viper It's too bad, it was definitely an American icon. :disappoin
  5. Beautiful car, travel'n man. That picture could be a poster. Yeah, Hagerty makes you jump through a couple of hoops to get started, but it's well worth it, from what I hear.
  6. There was a guy at MSA with a 260z and he said that he had around 600,000 on an unrebuilt motor. It was a fairlady right hand drive. Pretty impressive, but as the previous posts said, it's all about maintenance and conservative driving. I've got over 100,000 on mine and the engine is still as strong as anything, which is pretty typical for the L series.
  7. Do a search for "hagerty." That seems to be a good common inexpensive one.
  8. My 86 did that! I didn't even need to press the gas, it did it on it's own when I shifted! Gooooood times. Yeah, that car got towed and I just let them take it. It was nice to drift around a corner, though (bald tires).
  9. Do a search, there's a ton of info on the subject. I think the verdict from more than one person was to go with all poly except for a couple of rubber pieces for the tie-rods. Poly will last longer than the original rubber and the car should handle better. I need to do mine, too. They're sitting in a box in the garage. All poly. I'm not sure for you, but like I said, do a search, there's a TON of info.
  10. Sorry to bring back an old thread, but I've searched and couldn't fine the answer. How in the heck do you remove the old carbon canister filter to put the new one in? I've twisted that piece on the bottom almost in fear of breaking it, and it wont budge. The Chilton book shows it just slipping out, but that's not working, either.
  11. HAHAHA I'm part of that club, too! My two daughters can't date until after they're old and already married. I know it doesn't make any sense, but what I say goes. "Papa, why are you always cleaning your shotgun on the front porch? How clean does it need to be?" They're only 3 and 4 right now, so it gives me a chance to build my shotty collection.
  12. I agree. Very tasteful mod. Awesome!
  13. Like ZKars said, it's a goop, like a small tube of toothpaste. As far as it being clean, what I do is just apply to both sides of the hole, so that it forms half on one side, and, since it will of course stick to itself, form another airtight half on the other side, since it will be built up a little. As far as it being a band-aid, it's not. The stuff will be hi-temp and airtight, like I said in my first post and will be very oil-resistant, so it'll be there a good long time. If you're especially good with that stuff, you can even make it look good, but only if that matters to you. Make sure to let it cure properly before you drive the car, I think it cures in 24 hours, sets in like 20 minutes. It will stay slightly pliable to absorb any vibration. I've never heard of Dumm Dumm, but that sounds good, too.
  14. I went to the "99 cents only" store and stocked up on the exact same gasket maker stuff that they sell at autozone for 7 bucks. I use that stuff to fill in all the old spots where the grommets are long gone and it's airtight and hi-temp, so I don't have to worry about leaks. They had tons of them in stock at two 99's near me, they might have some in stock near you. They have the regular black, the hi-temp red, and everything in between. It's especially great for those areas that are not going to be seen easily.
  15. Thanks, Arne. That's what I've been leaning toward since I saw that color code in JMark's signature. I appreciate your help.
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