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  1. I wrote this in response to another Z owner having problems with his windows. His initial question had been about the need for the pressure roller situated on the top part of the door and it's effect on the window operation. I also wrote down the steps to adjust a door window to operate smoothly. The window roller is required to push the glass inward as it reaches the top of it's travel. The inside door panel and the fuzzy strip attached to it, push the window outwards. Between these two and the window frame and front sash the whole thing is maintained in the center of the window fra
  2. I wrote this some time back about how to adjust a hood. Has the hood always been hard to open, or did it just recently become hard to open? If it's always been hard, it is possible that at some point before you owned the car someone adjusted the pin or the hinges such that it's pressing against the fender lips and hence requiring the "slam". If it just recently became difficult, did you recently do some adjustments to the hinges, the latch pin or accidentally hit something with the car? If so go back and double check what you did, the hood shouldn't need re-adjustment for most p
  3. This is a real basic primer on how to bump out dents and shrink metal. Ok, if you're handy enough with an oxy-acetylene torch, then you'll be ok with this next procedure. If you're concerned with the "panel beaters", and I take that to mean the specialty hammers, dollys and other body specific tools, you can still do quite a bit with your regular tools. You can use your regular ball peen hammer or regular claw hammer as long as you're careful of the claw. See if you can address the metal from behind. Typically this will involve removing the lights, wiring and other trim pie
  4. Found this on ODOT regarding Auto License Plates: 803.525 Number of plates issued. The Department of Transportation shall issue two registration plates for every vehicle that is registered by the department except as otherwise provided in this section. Upon renewal or when otherwise provided under ORS 803.555, the department may issue stickers in lieu of or in addition to registration plates. The following shall be issued plates as described: (1) Only one registration plate shall be issued for a moped, motorcycle, trailer, antique vehicle or vehicle of special interest registered by
  5. This came from the Mail List some time back and is due to be included at Z Home's articles. I've added a couple of notes and am posting it here due to it's relevance to recent discussions. Going through some old e-mails and noticed this one. Saw one answer, but felt that there was a bit more information that should be included. Jean-Pierre Lemonde wrote: Question: The 240Z was pre-wired f
  6. I wrote this some time back to help a member whose window had fallen off the tracks. Remove the regulator assembly. That's the gear and scissor mechanism that the window crank operates. This will allow you to operate the window pane within the opening without the regulator getting in the way. Once it's out of the way, slide the window glass up and down inside the frame and tracks. You should be able to determine if the window will go up and down smoothly and effortlessly (of course barring the weight of the pane and gravity). If it passes this test, then you know that the window fram
  7. Here's a primer on how to adjust the doors on your Z so that they fit properly and seal well. ADJUSTING THE Z DOORS: Unless the car has been in an accident and the door opening or door itself have been tweaked out of shape, most problems with the doors are due to misaligned latches, hinges, or worn components. Presuming that it is adjustment or bad parts and not bent items check the following. First perform a visual check of the door. Check to make sure that the door is aligned properly within the door opening. Check the spacing along the top part of the window frame, the spacin
  8. At the front of the radiator you'll find two pairs of wires both Red and Black. Typically they're taped to the harness with Blue electric tape. Those are the connections for the Fog Lamps in parallel (that means they are both powered off the same circuit, but not dependent on one another to work). Inside the vehicle, typically behind the Fuse Box or Hazard Switch, (depending on whether the bundle has been moved or not) you'll find two sets of 2-wire connectors. In my car they were connected to each other even though neither circuit was operational.
  9. This comes up often enough that it should be posted as a tech article. This is taken from a different posting where Heater Control Panel Illumination was the topic. In case that is what you were looking for: (Original Thread: http://www.classiczcars.com/forums/showthread.php?p=141090#post141090) The Clock not working in the Z's is such an endemic characteristic that it almost seems a basic requirement of the car. If your clock works....it's not a Z. Fortunately, with a little careful effort it can be avoided. Here's how: ......snipped from original thread.... As f
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Original Article Enrique Scanlon (2004) - Revised & Expanded with Bob Kroshefsky (2011) Pictures by Bob Kroshefsky (2011) P/N Breakdown by Bob Kroshefsky (2011)
  11. Hey there Scanlon,

    Twice in the past 2 years I've been traveling in your area and never took the time to visit - so sorry. My daughter now lives in Portland (across the river from you) and I've not been visiting this site for a while.  I've got a Jeep also now I'm in to offroading sooooooo....

    Ill be coming to Portland sometime in April for my new granddaughter's arrival.  Hopefully I'll get some time to visit if you wouldn't mind.

    Still have the Z but I think it's time to sell. Just don't have the time anymore.  We travel from Florida 6 months out of the year all over but mostly to the Northwest (Bremerton and Portland).

    Still I'd like to visit if OK?  Just let me know.



    1. Mike


      Miss you, Enrique!

  12. TY would like to know about the spotlight and the ZCON thing
  13. To all this is his wife Deb TY for all the kind words-would love to print this but Enrique was my computer man so don't know how
  14. Proof positive of why they call the area the "Rust Belt". E
  15. And I've seen it done both ways... over the rubber and cutting out the rubber. E
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