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  1. I owned one of these from new. A very nice drive, and a little rocketship,also handled well. It's one of those cars that loves corners. $5000 is a bargain for someone.
  2. Thats a pretty sharp looking replica. $100,000 is not too bad IMHO. I would have expected the rubber around the rear hatch to be a better quality and fit though.
  3. You might be able to weld it back on if you stand the bumper a shallow tub of water to absorb the heat. Of course you wouldn't want the water spilling over the weld area. It should have a good chance of working.
  4. Nice job. I had a new one many years ago. Great truck.
  5. If someone wanted them, half price has to be good.
  6. The NOS carb ad is for a single carb price or am i missing something. 16010E4302 - Genuine Nissan
  7. Wow!!!Thats a sweet job.
  8. Thats all the information they give sorry. Brian.
  9. Accirding to my Haynes manual-- Front coil springs--240----260 Wire diameter-----.417---.453 Free length-------15.1---15.5 Rear coil springs same for both 240 and 260. Wire dia.--------.449 Free length-------15 inches Hope this helps. FWIW to help stop my 240 from squating at the rear on acceleration i fitted 260 front springs shortened a little, to the rear. Slightly stiffer but not too much
  10. I have a 72 and it has no rubber 'boot' on any door lock parts. Doors shut fine.
  11. I can confirm that my 240's tank still has fuel when the gauge needle does not move. Tank was sucked dry of fuel when at the paint shop, and i drove it home not noticing.
  12. Sounds like a head gasket on the way out to me.
  13. I have been tossing up about selling my 72. This makes me think i will hold it for a while yet. At least for another summer down here. NZ I must admit i would be sad to see her go as well.
  14. The first thing i would do is put the shock adjustment to the lowest setting.(If they are adjustable)
  15. Did you drain the radiator? You could have air trapped in the block. Try loosening the engine side hose clamp at the front, and with the engine running give it a few wriggles, then retighten. Try this on other hose clamps. Worked for me.
  16. Thats brilliant. Still a ways to go to catch these beauties though. Rare Ferrari 250 GTO breaks auction record | Stuff.co.nz
  17. Shocks can make it ride hard. I have shortened stock springs in my 72. With stuffed shocks it was a very soft ride. New shocks made it ride considerably firmer. I now have adjustable Konis on the front on the very lowest setting, as any higher setting makes the ride too firm, and newish shocks of a brand forgotten on the rear. The ride is firm but not uncomfortable for this seventy year old
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