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  1. Post deleted already answered above
  2. Well good news, the engine started today with no real dramas (just a faulty electric fan relay). Running a bit lean and my engine builder was a bit concerned with the whine from the twin idler set up. But according to Dr Google thats normal and all seems happy. Off to the dyno in a few weeks and will report back then.. In the meantime heres a couple of videos Video engine starting today https://youtu.be/8HT150MspWo Few good revs https://youtu.be/EpZ9BPRo5xk Cheers Mike
  3. Engine all in, oil pressure good, ready to fire up next week.
  4. Sorry leadfoot is painful, all day for Just a few minutes of racing. No run off areas and a fun stone bridge if you make a mistake, happy to spectate at that event. Was going to try to get it ready for the festival at taupo in Mid Jan but not going to make it. Will be at the GTR festival. More progress today New plugs, new oil cooler arrived and rest of carbs fitted. Belts fitted etc
  5. Engine in and clutch done, link from sump to gearbox fitted and manifolds and carbs fitted. New engine mounts. Note you need specific 240k ones, hard to find and very expensive compared to 240Z. That sump which is actually for a Hakosuka, requires cross member modification, slight block grinding and exhaust manifold modification. Will also need a new sway bar, so its not a direct bolt up for a 240k. Getting closer, might be ready for start up in a few days.
  6. Still a few parts to fit, the new OS Giken twin plate clutch and we had to get the right oil pump spindle. Turns out the Kamarei one only works with their special oil pump. More pics soon.
  7. More progress, finally the last parts arrive after being redirected from Malta. Thanks Fedex. Tested the sump oil levels (5l) modified so the old skool GTR sump could clear the exhaust and the sump/gearbox bracket would clear the extractors. Mocked up the manifolds and read to go into the newly cleaned engine bay.
  8. Cheers Flauski, yeah I remember that. Great you have another car. Well a few delays as my order from the Z store got nicely sent to Malta rather than NZ. Close, not! In the meantime got the sump modified, cross member modified and new drive pulley. Heres some pics
  9. New engine mounts arrived today. Wow they are hard to find and not cheep. Getting the sump modified this weekend and probably will need a new exhaust. The Aviation Gas just chews them out, especially when sitting for over a year :( Should not be long now. Cross member is modified, custom pulleys are due to arrive next week, just need a few things from the Zstore and we might be ready for a start up.
  10. More progress pics. Had to modify cross member to fit sump, will need swaybar redesign. New front pulley set up underway. Sump will be off next week to add trapdoors and windage tray and connectors. Will be putting in new bigger oil cooler. Shes well underway. Lots of swearing and moaning by my mechanic so that must be a good sign of progress.
  11. Progress is slow, but should be starting next week, at least progressed to engine stand 🙂
  12. Well been a few delays and a few dramas. But finally the new engine is all together and back with my mechanic. We have to modify the sump, tweak the extractors/headers and make up new front pulley, but should be done this side of Christmas. Couple of pics to keep the interest going. Cheers Mike
  13. Yeah that's the cool thing about New Zealand(NZ) miles away from anywhere but some real talented motorsport people. Bumped into a guy just the road last week, he had a full CNC machine just in his shed for afternoons hobby work. Kelford Cams is also in NZ some of the top cams in the world. My head guy Kevin Bann worked for them for years. Now he has his own business Horsepower Heads, the cams are being worked on at the moment by Kelford Cams. There are five dynos within 20 minutes of me, three of them are dynapacks (also made in NZ) and one is my brothers LOL. We have two race tracks within 2 hours drive and it goes up to four if you want to drive another hour or two. We have rules that provided your race car is safe and can pass a warrant of fitness you can drive it on the road. I think I should stop now :) before I start raving on about Bruce McLaren and John Britton etc
  14. Head Work Done Weld combustion chambers and Straighten head and re machine front and back. Then Weld injector holesand CNC porting 1head Then from Kevin Bann - Horsepower heads - "Write intake and exhaust programs to suit the build specification. The intake port is sized to 'choke' at 9000 rpm and provide peak torque at around 6000 rpm. I had to move and skew each intake program individually to line up with existing manifold. A lot of re-welding and re thinking the chamber because of the different chamber roof heights between this head and the old head. I ended up buying deeper valve seat inserts and lowering the chamber roof to gain compression while retaining flow past the valve. This will keep a stronger deck in the head as not so much needs machining off it versus keeping stock valve height." Then Supply 12 extra deep valve seat inserts, machine and fit CNC machine valve seats and Surface grind head 1.6mm Then we found the P90A head had hydraluic lifters which you can no longer source. So bugger, but bought some inserts and fitted the stock solid lifters. Just got in some 3.5mm lash caps from Kameria and now we can get the final cam grind done. Heads should now be done in a couple of weeks, Bugger my engine builder is in holiday in Europe. We decided to fit the 260Z stub axles while waiting as they are a weak point. Supposed to bolt straigh in! Well maybe for the 240Z but definately not for the 240K. Well thats another story. Specs are 228cfm at .550" lift - Chambers are 38cc - compression hopefully around 11:1
  15. Just some pics, we have done some major head work which will discussed soon. Also upgrading the rear stub axles to 260z. More info soon.