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  1. Hi everyone! I have a highly original 71' 240Z which I purchased from the original owner about ten years ago. It's a beauty that is missing only one thing...the original wheel covers. My question is, what style would a 1971 240Z have...would they be red centers or with the "D" in the center? As a final question, is ANYONE out there selling a set of their steel wheels and wheel covers
  2. Windows Phone app would be nice too =)
  3. I love the color and I love how the L28 came out...gorgeous!
  4. I feel your pain. My 71 got rear ended, right after I spent about $2k in mechanical upgrades. I was literally just driving it home from the shop straight home, and someone just had to reach for something in the back seat while i was sitting at the light =( Fix it and keep it going! These Z's are amazing and they deserve another lease on life!
  5. Gas has been leaking from my 71' 240Z every time I fill it up fully...I went to go to my usual Z shop, ALT-Z, and they seem to have closed down If there is anyone who knows of a Z specialty shop in Southern California, I would greatly appreciate it! The smell of gas filling the house is becoming...tiresome to say the least!
  6. Sell it to someone who will be motivated to get it working...hate to see these cars become even harder to find =/
  7. Both cars look great, but I do love the fresh paint on the 73...very nice!
  8. This is by far the cleanest restomod I've ever seen on a Z...it's all been done properly!! Congratulations, you've got me dreaming about restoring my Z one day.
  9. Went to this place called Orange County Bodyworks, here's their website:


    They did just okay work...and they charge a pretty high amount too. I guess i'll just have to show you my engine bay and rear bumper once my car is all back together, but I think they did a merely satisfactory job. Hope this helps, I guess my advice is: avoid. Look elsewhere =)

  10. thanks for the reply- i'm actually in orange, i'm guessing you went to one of the shops on batavia(?). what i'm looking for is a shop that has any experience with 240's- i've got some pretty rough spots around the doglegs and rockers. i've got another guy who is going to shoot paint for me, but isn't much of a welder. which shop in orange was it you went to?


  11. Hi Randy! How've you been?

    Been keeping in contact with Elvan, he's still workin away on my Z's engine and transmission...should be up and running by next week hopefully. I'm excited to see how it turns out and would love to have you check it out once it's all done! Hope you're doing well.


  12. Hey there!

    Sorry for the late response! I went to a body shop in Orange, but I'll be honest...they got rid of the rust but the paintjob they did over it in my engine bay was not what I wanted. In addition, they tried to fix my bumper, but it somehow doesn't look the way it used to. Still searching for a good bodyshop...wish I could be of more help!


  13. hey, just found your old thread regarding body work you were to have done and wondered: 1) how it turned out, and 2) if it turned out well and you can recommend to me the body shop you used- i am in need of rust removal for my 240, and am also in orange county.

    thanks in advance!


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