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  1. Hi all. Please forgive me for posting this here and not in the classifieds. My friend owns Alvins Auto Recyclers in Oakland. He recently took this car in. I know absolutely nothing about it, nor have any interest in it. I told him not to part it out yet until I could post here. If you are interest call Flash at 510) 658-3101.
  2. Check with MSA. They may be able to help. Or send Esprist an email and see if he can get you one. I got my BRE set up from him.
  3. Hey Rich. Well deserved.What an awesome award.
  4. Thanks Arne. How I missed that thread is beyond me. Thanks Grant. I'll cut about .5" off first and then see how it goes. I bought a new differential mount, u joints upper fore and aft control arm bushings. Also half shaft boots and clamps. I think I can get the rear end back together, but those half shaft ujoints are going to be a challenge. Coincidence? All three of us have/had yellow Zs.
  5. ey Grant, Got a question for you. I just ordered the RT Mount yesterday. Got an email saying it shipped today. Pretty darn good service.. You mention a sharp knife. How do I know how much to cut off the bump stop? Will the differential show resistance when reinstalled?
  6. I have the same control knob in my 71, installed by the dealer. I don't know the manufacturer of the knob, but my setup has a York compressor under the hood.
  7. Not in the OC but the 909. Which in So Cal means right next door.
  8. Hi there Tom. Let me know if I can help. I live in Pomona (about 5 miles from Ontario-California that is.)
  9. Well if Jay takes first and second, then I'll still have to keep trying. You should do well on the sale Bob. You Z is a beauty. It will always show well. Good luck with the porsche!
  10. Didn't the BRE spoiler have air dams? Mine does. And, by the way Jim, I have a 1971 that had the "spook" spoiler installed by the dealer.
  11. When I spoke to her she never mentioned painting the car. For me that would be not what I had in mind. I still have the original paint in great shape. But maybe if they fixed a couple of dents and my roof...
  12. Not even food and lodging. And since it is in Napa...not even wine. I offered the car to them if they had insurance to trailer it, but the budget isn't large enough...
  13. Kathy and Rick. I had to have my BRE spook repainted on my 71 sunshine yellow car. The painter matched the paint exactly from the paint codes. The onlyissue is that they had to use clear coat. This is California after all. So the end product has more gloss than my original paint. Luckily its under the front chin so unless you look closely it is not noticeable.
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