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  1. Moelk, yeah I love my subaru diff especially with LSD makes a big difference you can really feel. It is a street build that will see occasional track day duty. I write a build thread on it when I get some time to thoughts together and finish coverage on my website. It is using a lot of parts from Robello's 3ltr kit and then I am self porting and polishing the head, intake and cleaning up the inside of the block.
  2. Moelk no single wheel burn out for you anymore I finally dropped of the block, cylinder and head to the machine shop. Hoping to get it back and assemble over the Christmas break.
  3. I have Illumina and Suspension Technique lowering springs. I went with the 280z springs for a stiffer spring and had to cut a little to get the right heights. I do think I lost travel though and a big bump can definitely be felt. I am looking at coil overs as you can get all the suspension travel and change the ride height. There are many debates on the coil overs about which is better. You can buy some where they have done all the welding for you. I'd say take a step approach. Buy some better shocks drive it and see how you like it. If it is too floaty for your liking get some lowering/stiffer springs. Then if you don't like that spend the $$$s for coil overs. Unless you have ridden in a car with coil overs and you know that ride feel you want, I wouldn't invest the $$$ yet since it sounds like you don't want a harsh ride.
  4. Yeah sad to see the go out of business, seems like people swooped in pretty quick on the seal kits as they were back ordered pretty quick.
  5. Sounds like something is stuck or rusty. I am wondering if the head gasket had gone in the past and someone used stop leak etc. If giving it a tap with rubber mallets doesn't loosen you could try lifting it with an engine hoist (if you have one) or ratchet strap from the rafters. Use the last intake stud on the driver side and one of the mechanical fuel pump bolts on the other as lift points.
  6. Very sad to hear this. Condolences to his family and friends. A big loss to the Z community. RIP
  7. I just got a part shipment from them a few weeks ago. They are still supporting the S30. They even went to lengths to call around for some Nissan Comp parts and found some OEM parts they had as NLA but were available from other dealers in the country. I have found when calling them they are more than helpful.
  8. At least you can override by putting your foot to the floor
  9. PM sent on brake calipers and interior hatch covers
  10. Most people I know recommend Rebello to me, I know Oiluj was very happy with his engine and the work that they did. He probably shopped around so might have a few other places to try.
  11. oranngetang make sure you get a good brake / tube wrench (I recommend craftsman) otherwise you can round fitting and it can ruin your day. I have also found that speeder bleeders work fantastic and I can bleed the brakes with one person in minutes.
  12. Some photos on my crappy phone camera
  13. Zealous

    Carpet kits

    You might also try SEATZ http://www.seatzmfg.com/seatz/index.htm I have heard very great things from them and there prices were pretty good last I checked. Good luck with quitting smoking
  14. Back from a track day at Thunderhill. Time for a clean and dealing with the few niggles over the weekend
  15. Was just with a friend at Costco and they had Orange Maisto 240Z models, there were several of them. I picked one up in California for $12.99.
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