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Distance from top of frame rail to battery shelf?


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20210616_111013.jpgWould anyone happen to have access to measure the height of the battery support shelf from anything fixed, like the front frame rail?  Also, the clearance to firewall?

Mine has been removed twice and I'm no longer certain where it should be.

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Just went out and measured my 73.  The way you have it sitting it needs to be 7 7/8" off the frame rail, close as I could get.  The distance from the firewall is 7/8" measured at the front on the flat part, and also 7/8" measured on the square bump out, it appears the tray is at a slight angle for that to happen.   Maybe CanTechZ can/should verify my measurements.  Hope this helps.


Bonzi Lon

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Thanks Bonzi.  I will also wait for CanTech Z to confirm.

I was trying to guess based on pics, old paint spray shadows, etc. and had the firewall clearance at 1.25".  Glad I asked!

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Here are pictures of the measurements from my '70 plus a couple to show the fitment. The shelf on mine is definitely on a  slope front to rear but is quite level left to right. Mine measured 8" above frame rail close to the firewall and 8-1/4" at the forward edge. Dist from the firewall about 13/16". It has touchup paint work but no body work in this area.








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@Bonzi Lonmakes a very good point, if my shelf was any higher I would have real problems getting a group 24C battery in. It is difficult now, I have to assemble the battery, plastic tray and cover and hold down frame and attach the positive cable, then slide this group of parts in as a unit. Even doing this it is difficult, as the plastic tray drain tube connector sticks out below the shelf.  A kind of tip and then slide effort, is required to get it into the final position, without snapping off the drain hose connector. Don't ask me why I know.

I did a little more checking this morning and noticed that for the most part my battery shelf is actually quite level and square with the firewall at the 8" above the top of frame rail. There is a twist in the narrow part of the shelf that goes up about  to about 8.2" above the frame rail at the end. I seems I had my calipers at an angle when I took the picture above with the 8.235" reading, I would say 8" is the absolute max, and Bonzi's measurement of 7-7/8" would be better.

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