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  1. bluezcrazy

    Need source for SHORI relay

    I know I'm bringing this post back from the dead, but....I ran into a Shori relay failure and found a replacement relay from O'Reilly's. Thought I should post it I case someone wanted to buy one over the counter instead of ordering/rewire a different relay. I picked up a BWD R4136 relay, and that did the trick. Doing a quick google search, and it looks like Advance Auto parts has them too.
  2. bluezcrazy

    New look- flares and mirrors

    Steve, this post may have pushed me into using the Vitalino Turbo mirrors I have laying in my garage. Thanx for sharing the pictures.
  3. bluezcrazy

    shock tower covers

    There is one that wraps around the two triangular holes, and a flat one that covers the top hole/indention. I'm guessing they are just there to hold the vinyl tight, and to try to prevent holes from being punched in the vinyl.
  4. bluezcrazy

    Weird Myths or Facts about your Z car

    You can't take Urban Dictionary too serious, that's just the first thing I thought of getting a definition for Bad arse off of. I don't usually quote anything off of it. Bryce
  5. bluezcrazy

    Weird Myths or Facts about your Z car

    I think this link to Urban Dictionary explains it best. Bad arse-1. adjective. having extremely favorable qualities 2. adjective. pertaining to a person or thing that is rugged, strong, and/or ready to show these... Unfortunately the internet blocker at work won't let me see more than what I just typed. Bryce
  6. I also have a 73 with this type of coolant pipes. You might think about replacing it with an earlier 240z thermostat housing. They only have a single coolant fitting instead of 3 fittings like yours. It is a smaller size fitting than the large one you have the sensor in, but I'm not sure what size it is. I can check if you want me to sometime when I'm at home? My thermostat housing wouldn't stop leaking and when I went to get a 73 housing I found that they are NLA. So I capped off the intake manifold pipes, and sized down the coolant hose off the single fitting. Bryce
  7. bluezcrazy

    Shaved rear end, no bumper.

    I agree with 5thhorsemann. I too used to think if I shaved it the rear wouldn't be protected. When you actually think about how thin the factory metal bumpers are, they won't save you enough to worry about.
  8. bluezcrazy

    If you want to help support the club

    Thanx SteveJ, I never would have found it. I had looked several times, and never got anywhere.
  9. bluezcrazy

    If you want to help support the club

    I might just be missing it completely, but where do you go to donate to the site? I haven't been able to find a link, or anything? Thanx
  10. bluezcrazy

    Automatic Trans cooling line needed

    I have one, but not sure how much shipping would be. I'm in Kansas, pm me if you are still looking for one. It's off of my 73 240z if that matters? Bryce
  11. bluezcrazy

    Family photos

    , that's a good one GreenZZZ.
  12. bluezcrazy

    Anyone can confirm that this diff is a R200

    I'm with John, definately R200.
  13. bluezcrazy

    Early 260Z Console

    At least 4 of the 5 are for the Automatic Shifter gear indicator piece. On my 73, little brackets screwed in at the four corners of the console shifter opening. Bryce
  14. bluezcrazy

    Newest addition to the garage.

    <------This guy is Jealous. Good looking car:D

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