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  1. Kats is fine, don't worry about him. We keep in touch and - as you can perhaps imagine - the Japanese airline industry is facing a lot of upheavals at the moment, so he has been seeing some changes in his work pattern.
  2. Hi all Really looking forward to starting this project and getting all of your input and advice along the way! Im new to this forum, Ive spent lots of time lurking though! I have been posting on the australian forum but traffic is quite low on there so hoping to get quicker input on here. I did also consider hybridz but I think my resto will be more in line with classiczcars as Im not transplanting a V10 into mine... Names Ryan, I am the long time owner of a 1971 240z here in Perth Western Australia. Vin is HS30-001063 I have owned the car for 10 years. When I bought the car it was in rough condition, tried to get it running to enjoy for a while but the previous owner had neglected it too much. So I decided not to waste money or time and wait for a ground up resto. Then it took me 8 years to find a decent space to start the resto (my dads new shed). I started the tear down in late 2018 but then had my son so it went on the back burner for another 1.5 years. Now I am almost finished the tear down and excited to get some real work done. Unfortunately I have another baby due in November! Damn! Lol I have also started a YouTube channel to document the restoration. At the moment they’re pretty boring dismantle videos but I plan to make them better quality and more exciting in the future. http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHZhre0vm7sL2Kl7hUQFVkg About the car: History unknown, bought it from a very energetic guy who pretty much ran it into the ground, was completely neglected and unmaintained. I knew I wanted to do a full restomod however, so this was not an issue for me. Car has a L20 engine and may be an originally automatic gearbox, hence the L20 swap and that the gear lever barely lines up with the hole in the trans tunnel. L20 will be thrown in the bin. Car is green originally and has had a terrible quality respray. Car had a relatively minor front end collsion, bent sugar scoop/front bumper support and some light repairs to radiator support Basically everything on the car needs replacing/restoration, nothing is reusable in a sense I can just rebolt it on the restored car. Plans for the car: Due to the car not having the original engine I see no point in going back to stock original. may as well create the car I want, so many things will not be stock - Color change, unsure as to color just yet, was leaning toward white but recently I have been liking safari gold - L28 stroked out - Triple Weber set up but thinking of keeping SU's initially to save some $$$ - BC Coilovers, techno toy tuning 3 point strut brace in front and 3 point apex engineering strut brace in rear - Initially all suspension components will be restored and reused to save $$$ (however I havent ruled out installing some pretty techno toy tuning/ apex engineering components at a later date) - Brake upgrade to front and disc upgrade to rear. not going big brakes as I dont like big rims on the 240z - Custom interior - I am an upholsterer by trade and am going to be doing the interior myself and upgrading some it. Think Alcantara and leather - wheels are undecided but something of the period, watanabes/rotas etc - Fender Mirrors for that classic japanese sports car look - Majority of the chrome will be painted in a satin black, I am not a chrome fan unfortunately.... (I know this will upset many of you) - Exterior besides the lack of chrome will be very stock, no flares etc, thinking about maybe doing a BRE style lower lip air dam thingy Here are some photos just before I started stripping it
  3. Glad all went well with the badges. Regarding the "original" look - you do know that side moldings were dealer add-ons, right? Not offered by Nissan from the factory. Anyway, installing pop-rivets should be pretty straightforward, probably go with aluminum rivets as opposed to steel. A pop-rivet tool should be available most anywhere, very inexpensive.
  4. I created 3D cad files of the interpart louvre lock assembly a while back and uploaded to the club downloads section. If it helps you can find it here:
  5. Was is the lack of a v10 that hurt the sales? I would think at ~$155k there is competition for other cars that can out perform it. I was not around during the 70's, but looking at cars around that era it seems that the Z helped bring an era of cheap/fun/reliable sports cars. They may have a chance to do that again with an electric platform. http://japanesenostalgiccar.com/is-this-the-rear-of-the-next-generation-nissan-z/#more-81181 This rendering makes the car look kinda flat..
  6. I'm for keeping the new Z fossil fuel burner with an option of a twin turbo. Nissan should learn a lesson from the 2nd gen Acura NSX. It was intended to be a V-10, but went into production with a V-6 and electric motor assist, losing it's soul in the process. It's indeed a technical marvel and strong performer on paper but since 2016, less than 2000 have been built. Not really a marketplace success for a flagship model.
  7. been a while, got interested in this again after seeing some "stencil tape" so I have it on the way, hopefully will allow a better application of the conductive paint.
  8. I have 0.58 mm clearance in my engine. I originally had 0.56 mm and a piston just kissed the head.
  9. AMPCO was/is a majority Nissan-owned affiliate company, making parts for use on Nissan vehicles. Whilst the H2716 'Pop-up' pistons were not OEM on any S30-series Z, they were supplied by Nissan as a service replacement part on Nissan L-series engines. They are not 'aftermarket' or custom.
  10. Found this about a Nissan trademark. https://www.motor1.com/news/405136/new-nissan-z-logos/

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