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Brake booster remanufacturer


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My brake booster just went out on my 75 280Z and I would like to replace it but suppliers are either out of stock, want me to send in my booster and they will have it rebuilt or sell me a newer modern booster. I want a replacement booster that has the vacuum port coming straight out that will align with the stock Datsun preformed vacuum line and not the generic one that comes out and then turns at a 45 deg. angle. I have already ordered two boosters  (Autozone) that are direct replacements and they show up with the vacuum port that comes out and then angles which is not what I have stock on my car. MSA, RockAuto, Parts Geek, and NAPA are all out of stock. Does anyone know of a good shop that just rebuilds brake boosters?

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Post a photo of your brake booster. According to the parts fiche, your booster should be like the 240Z/260Z booster if your car is not a 2+2.

part # model applied date qty interchange superceded
from to newer former
47210-E4600     7105 1      
47210-E4601   7106 7108 1     47210-E4600
47210-E8700   7109 7206 1 No No 47210-E4601
47210-N3001       1 Yes Yes 47210-N3000
47210-N3000   7207 7507 1 No No 47210-E8700

The 280Z booster is on the left. The earlier booster is on the right.

Brake Boosters 2.jpgBrake Boosters.jpg

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Called yesterday, the Z store MSA) is out of stock. I have the booster pictured on the right. Brakes were working just fine and then no assist, pulled hose and tried to pull a vacuum and could not get one, diaphragm appears to be bad. 

The booster is in really good condition and quite rebuildable. I want to send it in to a rebuilder myself and get it returned to me without going thru another set of hands. I want to get this car back on the road.

Heyitstrama, this is just what I was looking for, I will give them a call, thanks.

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I think another forum member recently had an issue with his booster that he got from a supplier, unfortunately they sent in the old one as a core exchange.


makes me even more inclined to say rebuild is the way to go.

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