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[2020] What Did You Do To/with Your Z Today?


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A father and son brought a 4/71 240Z over for me to work on. The father is the 2nd owner, having bought the car some time in 72 IIRC. The car wasn't running well, so I put on some 4 screw carburetors that took off the 260Z last year. That helped a lot. They are looking to sell the car since the father can't get in and out of it so easily anymore. I'm trying to get it in as good as shape as possible without incurring too much expense on their part to help increase the value. It has some dents and dings, but otherwise the body seems to be in very good shape.

The car has suffered from benign neglect over the years, but someone may end up with a jewel.

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I took the 260Z out to a monthly car show that's not too far away from my house. It's hosted by Gateway Classic Cars. There were 4 S30s that showed up, as well as a Z32, a couple of Z33s and a Z34. 


After the car show, I went to lunch with @Pat Carr followed by a trip over to my favorite warehouse in Georgia.

Randy is getting the Fitzy BSR 510 ready for the main show at Amelia Island next week.


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1 hour ago, 240Ziggy said:

I'm slowly assembling things back together after grouping old parts re-plated,  one of them is this early wiper motor.  It might be an overkill since it is hidden under the cowl, but most importantly, it still works! 


70 240z wiper motor before1L.jpg

70 240z wiper motor after1L.jpg

70 240z wiper motor before2L.jpg

70 240z wiper motor after2L.jpg

So how did you go about plating. Fully disassemble and batch plate or plate in smaller batches...?

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I raced my Z at Thunderhill Raceway, and found a bunch of stuff that i need to iron out before the next track day....

1. clutch chatter when taking off from a stop

2. Temperature switch does not turn on as advertised.....(fans never turned on)

3. Apparently the Temp Gauge / Oil pressure reading indicates an increase in both.... if i turn on my headlights or the fans kick on. Maybe grounding issue?

4. Alignment + tire balance to get rid of a shimmy.

5. maybe make a towbar for easier / more comfortable drives out to the track....

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