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1973 240Z worth a look, near Indianapolis

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35 minutes ago, grannyknot said:

I just went through the 60 photos at the link, there is some serious rust going on underneath, both floor pans, lower fenders, doglegs maybe a rocker, maybe rear fender lips.

I didn't look through all the pics. That's too bad. Price goes down accordingly

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3 hours ago, Mike said:

Snagged the photos...  This car looks like it's a good start for a restoration, but, will need some work for sure...



I'm not sure what others think about restoring a car like this.  I am going through a restore now.    For me, the purchase price of the car is minimal compared to the cost of the restoration.  Considering the upfront purchase price along with the fact that this car needs some sheet metal, the price gets high fast.     In my case, I am restoring an early care whereas this is a '73.

Plus I have 3 cars.... (ok 2 cars plus 1 derelict )

But having said that,  if it was cheap and I went to look at it, I would buy it just because. I would politely ask people not to look underneath. Wow my wife would be mad.  :(

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