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  1. Agreed. The other question is - do you create a fixture to mitigate any shifting. from the donor or the car to be fixed?
  2. I think I could have made a decent down payment on a Porsche or house if I would have saved those cars and sold them in today's market. But. it would have cost me how much ?? to shelter them from Mother Nature...
  3. Pardon me for the interruption, but did you find your Z lying next to the Titanic and decided to rescue it? I've scrapped better Z's, back in the day.... WOW!!!
  4. That's what your wife said. Stop repeating what she says. "Parts are properly placed on the garage floor while waiting on parts for re-assembly (I just have to move and hide this stuff before she gets home)" I know she wouldn't say that!
  5. I'm no expert, but I might suggest a 3-pin connector to go to the fuel pump (then exit the cabin to connect to the fuel pump) rather than drilling an extra large hole for the 6-pin connector. Also to move the gauge away from that harness - you really don't want to have to look behind your shoulder to check the fuel level (i know, it's only a schematic, not a detailed where is it diagram)
  6. Hey! I remember your car! Snapped a few pics but my pictures don't do it justice like your pic at Balanced Rock I'll just blame the camera. Or me. Or both. Welcome Aboard and the first step at kicking an addiction is to admit you have one. But I don't think there is a soul here that really wants to kick it....
  7. Snapped two quick pics @ the host hotel. @Zup & @S30Driver cars in first pic. (Congrats on both your trophy's) 2nd pic - the Safari tribute was nicely presented, as in, IF Nissan manufactured the S30 body today, that's as close to what it would look like, IMHO.
  8. Random scenery pics Pictures really don't do justice. One check off the bucket list.
  9. Last one for the night... This is me and Bruce @Captain Obvious taking a selfie in the gift shop at Pike's Peak I'm the one wearing the mask.
  10. Finally got to wear my shirt! It was given to me from a friend but I just now saw their webpage... https://modifiedracewear.com/
  11. Not on BAT (YET), but was shown at ZCON 2021.... 1977 280Z Talked with the owner (forgot his name, sorry)
  12. @Mike I did not see an option to create an event folder in the gallery. Can you do so?
  13. Bruce talked to the manager? owner? somebody behind the bar that informed him the art work was done by art students (when the school was still a school) and was not painted over when the brewery opened. Bristol Brewery or something like that. Too many breweries, too little time....
  14. ..... It was in a repurposed school house... .... in the boys room. DISCLAIMER: This has been the ONLY time I have taken pictures in the bathroom. I have no idea what was painted on the women's restroom walls. You'll have to ask @Captain Obvious 🤣
  15. Had a great time. This was at one of the micro-breweries we stopped at... Nice art work.
  16. As @SteveJ noted, the date has not been nailed down.
  17. @Zup@S30Driver@jayhawk@gogriz91@RS02 "Are we there yet????" 😆 I'll be there Wed night and hopefully see you all Saturday at the Peoples Choice show
  18. just for reference - I won an auction on this >> Sunex wheel lock remover. (Not at home right now so I can't snap a photo) Maybe google has some better photos - at least it gives a starting point. It was used, and some of the 'teeth' had snapped off some of the sockets. I don't recall if any of the sockets had that many teeth to fit over your application The auction photo (credit to People's Auction Company, Inc. Chesapeake VA)
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