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  1. I bought an off-the-shelf flywheel from Rock Auto. Took it to my local machine shop with the diagram in Post #3 of this thread. It has a real nice feel and combined with a 3.90:1 diff, really good off the line butt dyno.
  2. Shawn, You have issues with your dome light switch, as you have asked for guidance here >> I was not able to test this as when I went out to test it, my bezel shattered. And my ability to turn the dome light on and off at the dome light. I *believe* that normal operation is that the dome light is ON or OFF In the ON position (which I think you have), the dome light is ON, ALWAYS. Door switch does not change that. In the OFF position, the dome light is OFF until you open the door and then the dome light lights. Have you checked into replacing your broken do
  3. Jim, There are hotels between your home and Colorado Springs. You don't have to be the Hulk and drive it in one day. Would like to buy you a beer. In Colorado Springs.
  4. One month to go!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!
  5. Jim, had to edit your response. The fuse is in the fuse block. From the factory. (In the spirit of I went downtown, to look for a job... but there was no job)
  6. To add to the confusion... from the microfiche... It appears the issue is mid model year 1975... 54Q-1 is for model year 1977-78 54F-1 is for model year 1975-1976
  7. Sounds like great Friday night dinner plans to me!!! I was going to say the first round is on me - but NOT with THIS crowd..... I'd have to dip into my 401k!!!!
  8. Getting close to the 60 day to kick off..... @SteveJ, @Patcon Sorry to hear you won't be coming. Charles, I had something for you (actually for your boy - a diecast 510 wagon. @S30Driver @Zup, glad to hear the Arkansas Jim's will be there @Captain Obvious You can do IT!!! @ETI4K you weren't zipping around the county roads south of Lynchburg 2 weeks ago?? Saw a yellow 240Z heading in the opposite way coming from Hwy 501
  9. Let's hear who's IN, who's OUT, who is on the fence. I'm in, but only for the weekend pass. Won't be driving the Z. Looking forward to seeing some west coast members!
  10. Many errors have been found in that version and fixed with later revisions, It is now Revision 'N' The diagram in the download section is the diagram that you need.
  11. TE Connectivity is a good source for finding the detailed drawings and part numbers. Great source. Skilled? Thank you for the kind words, but when I did mine is was more like a paint by numbers and trace.... Call me if you get stuck or need some re-configuring of the connector blocks. I didn't think of that when I sent you the drawing.
  12. @Martino Not sure if it is for sale or not , but @brunodoggy posted his find in this thread Mine would be for sale but there is a $50K fee for me to sign the title over..... Good luck with your search.
  13. At first look, my last remaining brain cells screamed "Appliance Wheels" But, it goggled Appliance wheels and came up with this link. http://vintagewheelcatalogs.com/ Thanks to the creator of that website for preserving vintage catalogs!
  14. Do yourself a favor and delete that copy from your computer, and download the latest revision from the download section of this forum. Are you referring to the 6 pin connector circled on the attached screenshot? If so, it's not by the fuse box.
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