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  1. wal280z

    Mystery fuel warning light

    Same here. Fuel light in radio/heater control bezel. I thought I had one in my stash, but I only have the rear defogger and fasten seat belt light spares. If I had to guess, either from an 810 of the same era. <edit> I do have a radio bezel with a blank off plate where the fuel light resides on the '77Z, I *think* I may have acquired it from a '75 or '76, the latter being more likely as I haven't parted any '75's out. <edit again> Just realized that was probably my doing, as it appears the "Floor Temp" indicator light uses the same blank off plate. too many parts to keep track off..... it's a disease...
  2. wal280z

    280z Wiring Diagram in Color

    Note to all: There have been updates to this - Please see the thread at http://www.classiczcars.com/topic/11727-color-wiring-diagram-for-280z/ to download the latest version.
  3. wal280z

    Restoring a 1977 280z! (My first z car)

    Welcome to the disease, as others has stated... I find your photos interesting, fascinating..... You have a fine candidate for refreshing, restoring, or whatever you wish. Pic #5 (.....411.jpg) shows an intact battery tray, as well as pic #7 (.....491.jpg) Usually this area succumbs mother nature and father rust. (no sexism implied) Can you do a favor and post odometer, gas/brake/clutch pedal pictures and door frame VIN pictures? I have a feeling that the odometer may indicate actual mileage.... As you stated it has not been titled since 1978, perhaps you may want to investigate when was it last registered. Can you identify the license plate as shown in Pic #10 (......271.jpg)? It looks somewhat European or even homemade to me. Do you have any other information on the back story of this? Did you pull it out of a garage or barn to put it on your trailer? Good find regardless of your answers - and now, a shameless self--plug...... be sure and download the wiring diagram for the '77 (in color) here (go to the end of the post and download the latest version) http://www.classiczcars.com/topic/11727-color-wiring-diagram-for-280z/ Good luck - this site has almost all of the info you need... perhaps all of it if you dig deep 'nuff. Wayne <edit - missed all the squiggly red lines for spelling errors>
  4. wal280z

    Poor Gas Mileage - '77 280Z

    Have you compared your speedometer readings with GPS? My speedo was off by 15mph before I swapped to the correct speedo gear for the rear end.
  5. I know I've posted this before but dang if I can't find the darn posts either! Eagle Day , PORSCHE, BMW, MERCEDES, AERO KITS, APPAREL, ACCESSORIES, PERFORMANCE I've used these guys a couple of times in the past. Never any problem with small quantities. I've gotten replacement bullet connectors w/ sleeves from them before. DatsunParts.COM Inc.- Datsun Roadster Parts they have some of the original connector bodies, not sure of the sleeve you are looking for Datsun Parts For Datsun 510, 240Z, 280Z, 1200, 1600, 2000, Roadster, Fairlady stumbled on this site a while ago. Good luck Wayne
  6. wal280z

    Color wiring diagram for 280Z

    Captain & Chas... I've made the edits, attached is Revision 'L'. Thank you both for the kind words and the skillful quality control![ATTACH=CONFIG]73723[/ATTACH]
  7. wal280z

    Looking for a fuse block

    This is what I did - http://www.classiczcars.com/forums/electrical-s30/35588-upgrade-fusible-links-circuit-breakers-post301676.html No maintenance, no worries. The designed application is for 80A (each) circuits, so 100A total is not a problem. ZERO electrical gremlins since this upgrade. Look under subforum ebay/craigslist for a post submitted about "ROW52" to find donors for this application. Additonal pictures posted at hybridz.org, same user name. Wayne
  8. wal280z

    Cowl - Top Inner rust repair

    Blue - You are correct, sir. My windshelid in my daily driver (Chevy S10) was leaking, I found some +20yr old seam sealer in the garage. worked like a charm! Attached is a pic of the can (I doubt if the label is the same, but I'd bet they still make this stuff) Pretty sure I saw a similar seam sealer product from Eastwood. I think the stuff I used was intended to be sprayed on, but I used a brush and allowed it to flow into the areas that were leaking. It's been over 6 months and no leaks! I'm sure the stuff can be painted over, but as so far I'm just tickled it's not leaking!
  9. This isn't anything on Ebay or Craiglist, modeerators please move this thread but I did not find an appropriate forum for this posting. Been busy but wanted to share a find for those that didn't know. FYI for all those who have a Pick and Pull brand junkyard in their area. For those who don't, and wish to make a trek or have parts pulled for them, this would be for you as well. I did a search here for "row52" and didn't see any results. Check out Row52 | Search for vehicles at self-service auto recycling yards! ... You can search nationwide for a specific vehicle in participating junkyards. VIN's listed as well as pictures as the vehicle is stationed in the yard. I've had better results logging in rather than attempting to search anonymously, FWIW Happy Searching for those obsolete parts!
  10. wal280z

    Color wiring diagram for 280Z

    Captain - Again, thank you for the detailed response for the necessary corrections. Here's to Revisionn K! K77ZCAR-WIRING.pdf
  11. wal280z

    Color wiring diagram for 280Z

    I apologize for the delay - just started a new job and other life happenings derailed my reply with revisions. Attached is Rev J, 1/19/13
  12. wal280z

    Color wiring diagram for 280Z

    Captain - Thank you for the detailed reply and instructions on how to fix these - it saves those people that have already printed this thing just to use some white out on their diagram and go on. I will wait until the first of next week before re-publishing, if that is OK with everyone. Gives an oppurtunity for others to chime in. I appreciate the attention to detail you seek, are you sure you aren't my long lost brother from another mother? Either that, or you must be one of my multiple personalities that has escaped and has established himself in PA now.
  13. wal280z

    Color wiring diagram for 280Z

    Yep, I misunderstood you - will do that for the next revision.
  14. wal280z

    Color wiring diagram for 280Z

    Correct - It was a matter of mistaking what was in the model drawing versus what was actually getting printed. In the model, the labels and wires were correct, however, they were 'flipped' in the paper printing. Thanks for the catch Mr. PrivateMessenger, and the verification Captain! After 8 years of hibernation, I found that I made a few changes to the color palette as well, so that is now fixed, the 'weighting' of the text is back to normal. In reference to your suggestion of having a list of revisions, the list would be the size of the drawing itself. With the help of a few others in early 2004 - making changes from 'A' to 'E', and finally published version 'F'. Two quick changes and we are at 'H'. So long as no one else is making changes to it and keeps all comments / suggestions in this thread, everyone can keep track of the changes. If I do another one, I'll make sure to include the Captain on my team of QC! Attached is version 'H'
  15. wal280z

    Color wiring diagram for 280Z

    Ok Z peeps... I've sent E the updated diagram. Please note the change in the file name - it is revision 'G' - 'F' is now obsolete. Also - I received a PM explaining another possible error: I did not change the diagram on this account. I don't understand how the BCDD would be wired to the AC solenoid and the AC clutch not be. I'm putting the info out there in case there is someone else who has found this as well. Of course, with both connections being bullet connectors, one could easily interchange the wires and quite possibly not see a change in performance. Thank you all for all the kind words on this product - please note any additional errors on it in this thread. Wayne

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