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  1. At first look, my last remaining brain cells screamed "Appliance Wheels" But, it goggled Appliance wheels and came up with this link. http://vintagewheelcatalogs.com/ Thanks to the creator of that website for preserving vintage catalogs!
  2. Do yourself a favor and delete that copy from your computer, and download the latest revision from the download section of this forum. Are you referring to the 6 pin connector circled on the attached screenshot? If so, it's not by the fuse box.
  3. I was - I cancelled my suite last night at the host hotel - had a reservation prior to this Covid crap. Anyone looking to get some last minute reservations should fare well. Good luck to all those who attend and stay safe. And take lots of pictures, dammit!
  4. Question - Does the data plate on your car match the serial number of the block? If so, you may want to hang onto the block. It may add value to the next owner. If the numbers are not matching, then it looks well suited for a submarine anchor. Already has the patina to match. Mount it on a wheeled dolly to make the moving easier. Then you can reattach the head so you don't misplace it (You realize that this is the first baby steps to hoarding) Other observations and questions - The dipstick is missing - I assume you had already removed it. Did any oil register on it? Did it look like oil or maybe swirled like chocolate milk?
  5. @Patcon - glad you found something that may work. I would have been digging through my stash looking for a busted balancer and recycling it for the purpose at hand. I hope the key way widths are the same between what you ordered and the L-series.
  6. Did you look in HELL? Michigan trivia wins again. Yes, There is (or was) a Hell, Michigan. I recall a story about the loss of tax revenue a while back Actually closer to your inquiry than Detroit. Sorry, I couldn't resist. Good luck with finding what you need.
  7. Access port hole *should* be on all post Aug 76 models. Key #34. Did not search for 2+2 applications. Unsure if the microfiche sold by the club covers *only* export to US models...
  8. Anyone near Austin TX? This gal has seen better days.... The front spoiler/air dam is.... interesting. Looks like this one had those optional 'gull wing' inspection lids... or, someone was trying to access the hood release the hard way.
  9. Although it's not Saturday night, here is something to lighten the mood... https://ultimateclassicrock.com/social-distancing-songs/ They did miss one... All by myself by Eric Carmen Haven't read through the whole thread to see if this in here, but, S A T U R D A Y Night S A T U R D A Y Night Bay City Rollers...
  10. wal280z

    No heat

    The heat selector appears to be functioning correctly. It appears as though the missing vacuum line is for the recirc / fresh air intake. The vacuum controlled water cokk would be in the closed position, as mentioned previously. Do you have a MIGHTY VAC or similar? Hook up the non-connected vacuum line WITH THE ROUND GROMMET lying on the floorboard to engine vacuum. That should be the source line that would normally be connected to the magnet valves @Captain Obvious has mentioned. Move the mode selector to HEAT or DEFROST. Move the temperature to HOT When vacuum is applied, the small flaps should open (as well as moving the internal flap which directs the airflow over the heater core). Note, the defroster tubes *SHOULD* be connected to the heater box cabin side of those small flaps. Do you feel heat? Download the FSM as suggested, it has a wealth of diagrams to show what flaps are in what position for normal operation. Might need to take another picture on the OTHER side of the heater box.
  11. How are you testing for heat? Turning fan on and moving temperature selector to hot? Note: the heated air is not designed to come out of the vents. In order to get heat, the mode lever of the control unit needs to be in "Bi-Level", "Heat" or "Defrost"
  12. Try clicking on the time stamp of the post you are viewing that you wish to direct someone to. The address bar will indicate a change (viewable on a PC, not sure if it is the same on mobile) $$ https://www.classiczcars.com/forums/topic/63127-l28-full-rebuild-assembly/?page=7&tab=comments#comment-593183 $$ Even works on old posts - again, click on the time stamp of the post $$ https://www.classiczcars.com/forums/topic/11727-77-280z-color-wiring-diagram/?tab=comments#comment-84676 $$ EDIT>> $$ added to links to show in text the link
  13. Question - how many bolts have you removed from the 'horizontal" heat shield? I am assuming by horizontal you mean parallel to the top of the valve cover / parallel to the oil pan.... I was able to 'feel' 6 fasteners - one each under #1, #3, #4 & #6 runner, and two under the main intake - one of the fastener locations can be seen very clearly in Cliff's photo - view an imaginary line from the front - outside of #5 intake, and then draw down to the bottom of the intake. Sorry, no photo editing capabilities to circle it.
  14. Does this mean we are going to see you at ZCon 2020???? ?
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