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  1. wal280z

    Anyone near Fresno CA?

    This just popped in my email.... https://row52.com/Vehicle/Index/RND0WJHgZPTT5qevkv7ocnDqq I know Mark @wheee! is looking for some door cards.... Has an interesting front wheel...
  2. wal280z

    Just Did The Honda Blower Motor Swap

    I don't either, and, not that it helps you, it was sitting on my back porch for (I don't even want to count how many years) until a recent code enforcement visit... I looked at the one I was supposed to give you, and it is plastic, however, when you keep the fan blade still and sweep your finger across the fan blades, they sound metallic. I double checked, but the fan blades are non-magnetic.
  3. wal280z

    Worth looking at? #2

    Fotomat... that brings back memories.... the last remaining local one is now a locksmith.. Phew, I was getting paranoid....
  4. wal280z

    Worth looking at? #2

    Dennis, Have you not heard of Photoshop? LOL. Ya got me there. The pictures just had "THAT" sort of fading, Hmmm, must just be me. Yo Eye Doc, I need to make an appointment...
  5. wal280z

    Worth looking at? #2

    Good eye! Missed that on my first look.
  6. wal280z

    1971 Datsun Z-Series

    It does look like it had an "OUCH" moment, but, hey, it RAN when parked.... At least @Diseazd can mark this one off as a 'non-survivor'....
  7. wal280z

    Nationwide Pick and Pull Junkyard Search

    Just got this alert from my "DATSUN ALL YARDS" search... We all know this isn't a 240.....
  8. wal280z

    Worth looking at? #2

    Is it just me, or do those photos appear to be ACTUAL PHOTOGRAPHS, as in 20 years ago? Still, worth a look, Thanks!
  9. wal280z

    77 28Z in Portland only $1650

    Not found in your search, but the link you originally provided in Post #2 and clicking on the quote from @Terrapin Z, it's still there. Gee, if there was someone I could trust in Washington County, Oregon to look this Z over...
  10. wal280z

    1973 240Z worth a look, near Indianapolis

    @Walter Moore @87mj @JLPurcell @z3beemer are a few members I can think of in that neck of the woods...
  11. wal280z

    Fan Quiz

    @ensys Seeing how @Captain Obvious gave the correct answer, and @CanTechZ followed up with the snip of the microfiche, do they have to split the $64???? @Zed Head Sorry, I didn't 'see' or read the humor then nor now. I guess I'm slow. As you state, Humor can be a complex subject. I know my humor can be dry, stretched, or even referring back to something 10 years ago. I'm pretty sure @zspert will add to the forum with his experience, no probably inferred. I followed the "Merry Christmas" thread, that was funny as it continued on. Again, I'm sorry I didn't see the humor in your original response. FWIW, the microfiche is available in the download section for a very small donation to support the CZCC club... Wayne Wayne
  12. wal280z

    original blue engine paint colorcode?

    I realize this is a 6 year old thread, but @zspert does carry the correct color for you all. http://www.zzxdatsun.com/catRequests.php EDIT: @EuroDat @Arne already mentioned Banzai, I did not fully read the thread prior to posting. My error.
  13. wal280z

    75 280Z Garage Sale (with 77/78 parts also)

    I take it the 'accordion' you 'found' in Smyrna wasn't for the '77? Hmm, oh well. Oh snap, don't tell me I spoiled you... Did you put those parts under your bed? I measured 8 3/4". I guess I need to get my eyes calibrated..... Wait, it was dark in the garage..... Yeah, that's it... @Av8ferg - if you get the blower for @Captain Obvious, I'd be happy to be a part of your relay team... And yes, the door cards will work for you - If you don't get them, I WILL.....
  14. wal280z

    ZCON 2020 Location Confirmed?

    I think every color except blue..... Blue is heart beat optional... Just to be clear, Blue in this context is not @240260280

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